• When: 2019-02-19
  • QIC: Hokie Pokie
  • The PAX: JWOW, Skunky, Smithers, Slate, Clarice, Uncle Rico, Toober

Push, Pull, Repeat. It’s sneaky good.

46 degrees and dropping.  Lets get this show on the road…




Windmill X20IC

Merkins 10 OYO

Plank Jacks X20IC

Mosey around the parking lot w/ burpees at the lights

The Thang:

Start will pull, then push

First set, repeat x3

5 Pullups

10 Iron Crosses

15 split squat jumps

Then one set:

Merkin Death March – Start at a parking lot line, do 9 merkins, then bearcrawl to the next line, 8 merkins, bear crawl, 7 merkins… down to one.

Three sets:

5 Pullups

10 Big Boys

15 split squat jumps

One set:

Merkin Side March – Start inside a parking lot, do 10 merkins, then side plank walk to the other side of the parking lot, do 9 merkins, and so on to one.


5 Pullups

10 Iron Crosses

15 SSH

Another a Merkin death march

Last set:

AMRAP Pullups

20 iron crosses

30 SSH


American Hammers ICx30

We’ll call it good.  Work was done.  Snuck in 150+ merkins, ~50 pullups.