• When: 07-16-20
  • QIC: Hokie Pokie
  • The PAX: Uncle Rico, Turtle Head, EZ, Lap Dawg, Skunky, Starkist, Slate, Red Card, Milk Man (respect), Neck Brace (IR), Phone Booth (running>not running)

Sweatin to the 80’s

First, a note about @F3Billy:

Part of F3 is derived from Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  Billy was founded on the idea that we should all aspire to leave no doubt, that we all love our wives, love our kids and love the Lord.  It’s worth it to drag your butt out of bed 30 minutes early and live out all 3 F’s in one morning.  If you can’t make it to Billy – make sure you’re in fellowship with some brothers getting your cup filled somewhere.

Conditions:  Hot and wet.

YHC likes a hard workout.  The goal is to work the whole body, keep the heart rate up, and make it worth crawling out of the sack in the gloom.  To that end, The Thang:


Generic – Side straddle hop, mountain climbers, merkins, side plank, wind mills and overhead arm claps at whatever number seemed appropriate at the time.


Line up along a parking lot line and assume the high plank position.  10 merkins, bear crawl to the next line, 9 merkins and so on and so forth down to 1 merkin. *NOTE* this is a good exercise while traveling for work.  Run to an empty parking lot and knock it out a few times.  Also: Try starting at 1 and going up to 10.  Follow it up with lunges and squats.

Next up was a fun compilation of exercises that went like so:

5 burpees

20 american hammers

4 burpees

20 bent over rows w/ a coupon

3 burpees

20 thrusters w/ a coupon

2 burpees

20 LBCs

1 burpee

5 pulls ups

T-Claps to Uncle Rico for doing 5 burpees each time.  Your questionable listening skills will result in an improved workout next time I pull this fun one out!

Grab the musica and mosey to the middle school for:

Round 1: 15 decline merkins, 10 box jumps on the wall and bear crawl to the end of the wall.  Note: The wall gets higher as you go down, so higher box jumps results in a shorter bear crawl.

Round 2: 20 incline merkins, 10 step-ups on the wall and bear crawl to the end of the wall.

Mosey back to the block pile for a repeat of the burpee ladder followed by another round of the Merkin Death March.

That only took 35 minutes.  Sooo, back to the shovel flag for Mary. We still finished ~5 minutes early.  YHC did not receive any complaints.


Keep an eye out for a camping/hiking opportunity to be announced soon.

Prayer requests:

Lap Dog’s MIL, Hair Net’s MIL, Red Card’s FIL

Good work gentlemen.

I leave you with a message from Pastor Tate.  Start ~ 9.5 minute mark.

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