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“I think my big toe is frozen”

YHC woke up and checked the temperature.  12 degrees Fahrenheit.  Hell hath frozen over and I get to Q.  Super.  It is still Tuesday, time to face the gloom and do work.  So bundle up buttercups – this is happening.  Smithers, MIB and Lap Dog dragged themselves out of the sac to join in the fun.  SEE: Commandment #4.

Disclaimer with an added caveat – it is probably not wise to be outside.  Too late!  Lets roll:

Warm up:

30xSSH IC – (still not warm)

20xWindmill IC – (still not warm)

5x slow count TTT – (still not warm)

5xMerkins OYO – (still not warm)

20xMountain Climbers IC – (still not warm)

10xMerkins OYO – (still not warm)

Mosey to the back side of school – Burpee @ the lights (as good as we’re going to get today)

The Thang

Assemble by the benches near the traffic circle.  Grab a bench for work, then run around the median.

20 Decline Merkins – Run Lap

20 Dips – Run Lap

20 Incline Merkins – Run Lap

Move to Huts

20 Big Boys –> Bear Crawl to next hut –> 20 Monkey Humpers –>Bear Crawl Back & plank on the 6.

Back to benches

20 Decline Merkins – Run Lap

20 Dips – Run Lap

20 Incline Merkins – Run Lap

Back to Huts

20 Iron Crosses –> Bear Crawl to next hut –> 20 Squats –> Bear Crawl back & plank on the 6

Mosey to back of school

Wall Chair while we take turns doing 5 burpees

End w/ Merkin Ladder – 9 merkins, bear crawl to end of parking spot, do 8 merkins, turn around and bear crawl back, 7 merkins, etc.


Announcements: “It’s cold.” “I think my big toe is frozen.”

Prayer Requests: MIB’s brother-in-law.  After surgery his cancer appears to have been contained, so pray for it to stay that way.

Run to cold vehicles and head out to be better brothers, husbands, fathers, sons, and members of the community.

Good start to 2018 men!  Unlike the Matrix, you’ve got to keep choosing to take that red pill.  Who were you today?  Who do you want to be tomorrow?