Woodshed Celebrates Four Great Years with Four AOQs

If it’s August at Woodland Park, you know it’s time for another birthday celebration for our beloved AO. This year, 18 Pax (Ash; Bonesaw; Commie (from F3 Birmingham); Pondo; Heidi; Pipeline; Foxhole; Big Wheel; Odyssey; Bloodwork; Teddy; FroYo; Serena; RestStop; Belle; HeeHaw; BillyBob; Chewy) plus appearances from 5 Legionnaires / Rogue Runners (Shocker, Heist, Corndog, …

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Iron Work

F3 Iron Yard – Iron Work Wam Up Jog around the circus SSH x20 IC Imperial Walkers x20 IC Squats x20 IC Windmill x20 IC   Round 1 Kusack to the school wall Kettlebell swing x25 OYO KB Merkins x30 (15 each arm) OYO Napalms x25 OYO Run to Playground 10 pull ups 15 dips …

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