• When: 2022-03-17
  • QIC: Chewy
  • The PAX: Pondo, SilverBullet, SilentBob, Teddy, Odyssey, Chewy

St. Pat’s at the ‘Shed

6 Pax ventured out on a beautiful, if damp (moist?), Thursday morning.  We celebrated St. Pats! 



  • Dublin Hops (aka SSHs) x24 IC
  • Irish Walkers (aka IW) x24 IC
  • Irish Squats (a squat with calf-raise when you come up) x24 IC
  • Grand Eejits! (aka Burpees) x 4
  • Waiting on Teddy to get out of the car . . . 4 more Grand Eejits!
  • The Shamrock:
    1. Arm Circles x24 IC (12 each way)
    2. Seal Claps x24 IC
    3. Overhead Claps x24 IC
    4. Albatross (flapping wings) x24 IC

(My winky has Irish Twists (aka American Hammer or R.O.C. Twists) x24 IC, but I think we skipped this in my excitement to get to the main event ) .  . . 

Run to the top of the Galway hill in front of Meadowfield.

Patty’s Dora at Galway: 

  • Partner up, one partner does some work, the second partner runs down Galway to Rockwood and back up the hill, etc.:
    1. 120 Merkins
    2. 200 LBCs
    3. 400 Squats

Thereafter, run to the corner of Galway and Olde Knight. 

  • Dublin Hops x24 IC
  • 4 Grand Eejits! 
  • Hello Lass! (formerly known as a Hello Dolly) x24 IC
  • Blarney Stone! (Formerly known as the Monkey Humper)  x20 OYO
  • Leprechaun Run (aka jail break) to the COT

With two minutes left: 

  • The Bono (similar to Freddie Mercuries, right?)  x24 IC.




  • Woodshed Brackets to Silent Bob by 12pm today
  • Get to the Green Run Saturday in Five Points
  • Odyssey has Q at Stumble tomorrow morning

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