• When: 2019-04-02
  • QIC: Chewy
  • The PAX: Ash, Teddy, SilverBullet, Foxhole, Chewy

April Showers and Blocks @Woodshed

Conditions:  Not good – 38 degrees, pouring rain, and windy.

YCH had a fun plan involving sprints and stations all the way to Martha’s where we would then do some hill work, but the conditions just weren’t with us and when it became clear that the icy cold rain wasn’t going to give us a break, I changed things up. Instead, we huddled under the Meadowfield bus drop off awning. It was cold and breezy, but dry. And, we didn’t stay cold long.

Warm Up

  • 20 SSHs IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 19 Arm circles fwd IC
  • 19 Arm circles bkwd IC

12 Days of Spring

Like the 12 days of Christmas, we started with Day 1’s activity; then did Day 2 and Day 1; then did Day 3, Day 2, and Day 1; then did Day 4, Day 3, Day 2, and Day1; and then, well, you get the idea . . .

  • 1st Day of Spring:  10 SSHs
  • 2nd Day of Spring:  2 Napalms
  • 3rd Day of Spring:  3 Triceps Extensions
  • 4th Day of Spring:  4 ‘mercans each arm (8 total) one arm on the block, one off
  • 5th Day of Spring:  5 Burpees
  • 6th Day of Spring:  6 Block Swings (be careful!)
  • 7th Day of Spring:  7 Curls
  • 8th Day of Spring:  8 Russian Twists on the block
  • 9th Day of Spring:  9 Chest Press
  • 10th Day of Spring:  10 Squats
  • 11th Day of Spring:  11 Rows – alternating sides
  • 12th Day of Spring:  12 BBSUs with block

COT – under the awning.




  • April 6th Convergence at the Blatt 7am
  • New location for Mission. They’ve moved from Finley Park to Memorial Park

BOM Prayer

Moleskin – The men did the hard thing and got up in a really cold, rainy morning to put the work in. I had a pretty good plan for what I wanted to do, but I adapted and we got some arm work done. Until next time . . .