• When: 2017-10-21
  • QIC: F3 Columbia AOQ's & The Pax
  • The PAX: Anyone who has ever posted at a F3 Columbia AO

Celebrate Five Years With F3 Columbia

For five years, F3 Columbia has been destroying #SadClowns in the greater Columbia area and there has never been a better time to come together, celebrate the impact the Pax have had on our community and re-energize our efforts to lay waste to the remaining #SadClowns all around us.

F3 has been strong in large part due to the companionship and healthy competition that we all share among our Region.  To exemplify these qualities of our Region, our 5th anniversary boot camp will be defined by a team based challenge.

Our Region presents the First Annual Cannonball Run (F3 style)

Conditions – Irrelevant because we know you will post regardless

Disclaimer – We will share it

The Thang:

At 0700 on October 21 we are inviting all Pax who have ever (and we mean ever) posted at a F3 Columbia workout to join us for the Cannonball Run.

We will gather at the Brickpile (Dreher High School) and begin a course that will lead us through a treacherous tour of the Shandon area with stops along the way.  At each stop, an F3 Columbia AOQ (and his Pax) will lead a short (10 min) challenge that must be completed before continuing along the course.  The course will (tentatively) look a little something like thus:

  • Start at #Mothership (#Brickpile) with a challenge to pay homage to our roots.
  • Mosey to Sims Park for a #LegionLegit & #Woodshed challenge.
  • Mosey to track of Hand Middle School for a challenge at the hands of #Thunder.
  • Transition to the parking lot of Hand Middle School for a #SwampFox beat down.
  • Mosey into Emily Douglas Park for a #Snotwoggler from #Hammer.
  • Mosey to parking lot of St. John’s Episcopal for a quick #COP from #TheCastle.
  • Mosey back to #Mothership (#Brickpile) for a close out courtsey of #Score.

You will complete this course with members of your home boot camp AO.  You will not move on from a challenge to the next until all members of your group have completed the challenge.

The challenges will be team based, where having a lot of Pax will be to your advantage.  For example, one challenge could be to perform 2000 squats as a group.


We know no AO would want to brag about winning, but others may so you may as well win.  Get yourself and as many of your brothers as possible to post.  May the best AO win!


  1. Will this suck? No, the challenges will have varying degrees of suck, but you will complete this as a team.  Be there for your brother and your brother will be there for you.
  2. Will a Reynolds be on the winning team? Well, Cannonball Run stars Burt Reynolds, so we’ll see.
  3. Can AO’s merge for the competition? Yes, some AO’s are smaller than others and will be allowed to combine with others.
  4. How long will this last? It’s a special occasion, so we are upping the ante a bit with a workout that will last 90 minutes.
  5. Is it ruck friendly? Probably not, but if you can ruck and not slow down your AO, then go for it #CSAUP
  6. Will we have water stations? Possibly, but we encourage Pax to bring water on their person to address individual needs.