• When: 2017-09-30
  • QIC: Overage
  • The PAX: Moist, Rainbird, CaddyShack, Navy Bean, Track Hoe, Shine, Dozer, Trickle, Overage

We Brought Sally Back!

YHC was struggling to pull together a solid workout after the introduction of the C.A.T.’s signature workout, the CAT5. I wanted to offer up something that wouldn’t be a let down to the PAX on this damp morning, something worthy of fighting off the fartsack. I hope I delivered. YHC was never involved with a Crossfit gym so when I came across the Bring Sally Up song, I wasn’t sure if it was already played out or if anyone had even heard of it! YHC decided to give it a go.

Conditions: 65 and damp, rainy, some would say “Moist”

Intro and Prayer (disclaimer came on the slow mosey to the field)

Mosey to the lower practice field and circle up

Windmills x 10
Side Straddle Hop x 15
Little Baby Arm Circles front and back x 8 each direction
Through the Tunnel x 15 (for Dozer)

The Thang

We started right off with a round of Bring Sally Up Merkins, holding the down merkin position until the “Bring Sally Up” refrain. A Merkin was completed each refrain, turns out she sings that like 30 times in 3-1/2 minutes!

Starting at the Goal Line the PAX broke up into teams of 3
One Pax flipped the tire 10 yds while the remaining two did LBC’s

Each team worked their way up to the 50yd line alternating tire flips and LBC’s. Once at the 50yd line we turned around and worked our way back to the goal line.

All of this was done while listening to a smoking hot play list, crafted by YHC. We completed 4 rounds of tire flips to include 3 rounds of Bring Sally Up.

We traded out our tires for blocks and went back to the Goal Line.

We stayed with our original teams.

While one PAX did an Overhead Carry to the 50yd line the remaining PAX did Curls for the Girls. When that PAX returned another PAX headed off to the 50 while the others completed Overhead Tricep Extensions. 3rd round included Overhead Block Presses, which seamed like a great idea. YHC was informed it was not.

This rotation was completed 4 times by these hungry warriors in the mist. (Sounds like a bad movie, Warriors in the Mist). One thing to note, it seems 50yds was not quite far enough for some PAX, so in the dark the illuminated marker found its way further and further away, thanks Track Hoe!

We finally put the blocks away and circled up for a Ring of Fire and some Peoples Choice.
Trickle called out some Flutter Kicks
Dozer called out Mary
Rain Bird chose the Iron Cross
Moist chose to wrap it up with Merkins
This couldn’t have been more timely, Bring Sally Up hit again on the playlist! This took us right up to time so we made our way back to the Shovel Flag.



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