• When: 2017-09-30
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Bing, Spaghetti O's, Pawn Star, Mercy Rule, Jazz Hands (FNG), Shin Guards (FNG), Muggy Tape, Slum Lord, Coon Dog, Argyle, Escobar, Kenwood.

Drizzly Day for Spartan Play

Yesterday as YHC was preparing for a partner-up/block Q, Slum Lord asked if the workout was going to be a “Spartan” workout.  After a quick poll and several “yea’s”, I started to dig out the toys from the garage.  Here is what it ended up looking like.

One minute warning, circle up for super quick prayer, start moseying to the track.

On the way we did some step-ups and some lunges.  A disclaimer was made during the step-ups since YHC forgot it, and we had 2 FNGs in tow.  That was the extent of the warm-up.  Once at the track we circled up for some quick instructions and off we went.  Basically today’s workout was an AMRAP of laps around the practice field doing exercises/obstacles as we went.  We spread the guys at the start as to not clog up any one obstacle.  Here is what they were…

  • PVC MERKINs – 10x close grip perpendicular, 10x close parallel, 10x wide perpendicular, 10x wide parallel
  • SANDBAG CARRY – 50# sandbag, sideline to sideline back to sideline
  • ROPE CLIMB – get up there
  • RING MERKINs – hanging rings, do merkins, count is up to you
  • MEMORY TEST – on first loop, you have to remember a phrase, tested at the end
  • LUNGE to sideline
  • FARMERS CARRY – carry two 50# buckets of water, sideline to sideline back to sideline
  • RUCK EXERCISES – 45# ruck, ruck off, 20x overhead presses, 20x bent over rows, ruck on, 10x air squats, 10x merkins
  • ROPE CLIMB – get up there
  • BALL PULLUPs – choose from baseball or softball grip, do pullups, count is up to you
  • SPEAR THROW – 2 spear tosses to hola hoop target, either 12, 9, 6, 3, 0 burpees depending on how many you make from how far
  • BEAR CRAWL to sideline
  • MEMORY TEST – most got it, pawn star had his birth month off but I cut him a break, shin guards missed it and did burpees, i think it was spaghetti o’s and mercy rule that were running together and somehow had the same birth month of january (I need to see their driver’s licenses to verify!)

The hour was getting close so the guys helped collect the toys and pile them up at the curb (thanks!).  Moseyed back to the virtual shovel flag for count-o-rama, name-o-rama, named FNGs, announcements, prayer.

FNG names:

  • Eric Kirkland from Lexington, village crew guy, daughter cheers, > JAZZ HANDS
  • Jeff Michuick (sp?) from Lexington, 17 years old, likes sports and sports and sports, catches > SHIN GUARDS