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Workout of the Week 9/25 – 9/30

Question 1: Who leads the workout?

Question 2: Who is in charge of making sure the workout has a balance of all body parts, with some intensity?

Question 3: Who makes the workout great?

Three questions, three simple answers? Well, I think the first two are pretty simple. The Q is in charge of leading the workout and in change of making sure the exercises have a good mix. The last is not so simple.

First, we have to start with what makes a bootcamp great. Well, a good workout is part of it. That being said some of my favorite bootcamps were not the hardest. To me, a great bootcamp has a mixture of a solid workout and great camaraderie amongst the pax. Everyone is involved, and everyone has a good time.

So, who makes a workout great? The Q plays a role, but the pax play a larger role. Every pax who shows up to a workout has a job. Everyone has some role they can fill to make that workout better. Be it point, mumblechatter, sweeper (see here for more) or just someone who is encouraging his brother to get better. At every workout we all have a role to play. It’s not (entirely) the Q’s job to make a workout great, it’s all of our jobs.

They say it’s the role-players that win championships. Next time you get out there, play your role and be a leader.

The WOW this week comes from Spread out at SwampFox.

The Thang:

  • Lap around parking lot
  • Circle up in lot:  25 SSH IC, 30 arm circles IC, 30 mercen OYO – off to brickpile
  • Grab 2 bricks, jog to top of parking lot and circle up:  30 curls OYO, 30 LBC, 30 bench press OYO (all with bricks) – off towards park with bricks
  • At Converse/Furman – 30 squat IC, 30 side arm/front arm raises IC, 30 monkey humper OYO – off to park
  • At park:  10 pullups, 5 burpees.  Partner up and complete the following as a 2-man team (one parner runs around top end of park while other partner works:  100 BB situps, 200 dips, 300 squats – then plank fun until everyone finished.  10 pullups, 5 burpees. – off towards campus with bricks
  • At Furman/Coker: 30 curl OYO, 30 LBC OYO, 30 bench press OYO – off to campus
  • Return bricks to pile, jog to far end of parking lot: 30 flutter IC
  • Sprint to COT

The goods: What drew YHC to this work out was the focus. Full body workouts are great, but focus is also needed to get some parts of the body sore.  Spread put a hurting on the arms in this workout, and the pax probably felt it the next day.

Next time you’re Q-ing, hit all the body parts but also try to focus on a specific area.  Spread did a great job of that here.

Kuddos Spread!