• When: 2017-09-30
  • QIC: Nub, Matlock, Wino, Swayze, Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Doodle, Parks n' Rec, Belding, Facebook, Honcho, Skiggles(RESPECT), Serena, Grout, Wino, Cinco de Mayo, Wonton(FNG-RESPECT), Big Mac(RESPECT), Bobber, Hollywood, Johnny Bench, Heisenberg(RESPECT), Enterprise, Drummer Boy, Spokes(RESPECT), Aunt Bee, Kinard, Nub, Swayze, Wino, Matlock, Happy Trees

Filling More Than Bellies…Also, see the PAX list for more RESPECT than Aretha Franklin

Task. Purpose. Mission. A task without purpose may be completed, and completed well, but honestly how much impact is felt without purpose. How spiritually full is a task? A mission requires that task to have a purpose, filled to the brim with impact. If your mission is given spirit, specifically the kind that asks one to give, to encourage, and to live for a cause greater than yourself, then shouldn’t the impact overflow?


It oozes from the seams at F3 The Mission.


It overflowed for miles this past Saturday and flooded Smokehouse.


The men of the Mission have impact. The PAX, employees, mentors, volunteers…all of them. The PAX are great teachers and dedicated to their own personal missions. These purpose driven missions spread and influence not only each other, but encourage those fortunate enough to post with them. The men who mentor and guide are not in the business of self-service, even though they may say otherwise. To say YHC has been humbled by their action would be an understatement. We wanted to have these men out and treat them to a well-deserved meal…this is true. To say we did them more of a service than they did us, well that may not be as honest.


The men who Q’d this weekend could tell you every exercise called out, every pain station planned, every squat rep, every merkin in the entire beat down and wrap it all up in a sweet BB for your to see. It would fall short. I am not even sure if anyone that was there cares what we did or even if we kept a solid count. We were having too much fun. That is how you know it was real, for YHC is was like the excitement of his first post with his closest brother and the first heavy laughs with his new ones. The excitement of having these men out with us and being able to fellowship invigorated the camp. You think FNG fuel or Q’drenaline is real? Have the Mission out and coffeteria with them afterwards. It’s not just your belly that will be filled.


Conditions: Didn’t notice







THE THANG: 5 revolving pain stations with all sorts of variety for the adventurous sort of PAX. Blocks, fields, hills, sledgehammers, and stairs all pitched in to help wash down the DRP.


Count O Rama

Name O Rama




Announcements: Literally the only announcement was coffeteria.


Prayer Requests: Pray for the leaders of these nations that make up the big ball