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Annual Legion Extravaganza!

AO: Legion
Q: Jar Jar, Rosinbagger
PAX: McNugget, Chewy, Pondo, Silent Bob, Jar Jar, Ash, Rosinbagger, Pipeline, Teddy, Silver Bullet, BunkBed, Big Worm, Bidet, Kryptonite, Ronaldo
FNGs: None
Welcome back to Legion, our annual celebration of the glory that once was the hottest, darkest, onliest weekday 1 hour beatdown. Welcome back Kotters to Rosinbagger and Crabdaddy, 2 former Legion (and current elsewhere) studs!
Silent BOb assigned merkin counting duties. Final total ~220.
WARMUP: Usuals in parking lot
THE THANG: 1st half: Bagger Q
Mosey to tennis courts. Numerous rounds of Burpee Broad Jumps with other mixed in exercises.
49 4-ct flutters. This is the part where Rogue showed up and briefly pretended their non-running muscles could hang. Spoiler, they couldn’t.
The other 55 flutter kicks.
2nd half: Jar Jar Q
Indian Run to stadium. Some plank work and hip dips en route.
Box jumps x 5
Flip flop: Half run forwards and backwards around bases, half do bulgarian split squats and curb merkins, flapjack.
Indian RUn back to bball court, line up.
Ark loading suicide- Inchworm, crabwalk, bear crawl, run.
Welsh Dragon-
Run back, jailbreak, 10 merkins at AO, endex.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Prayer request for Lex community with loss of a child. Biggie’s back.
Upcoming: Legion Day Mary 2024.
May 21st Steelhands family
Amble 5/26 10 year convergence
The Bull 1hr on Memorial Day
Murph Sandhills Memorial Day
Sawmill remembrance ruck Memorial Day

COT: Thank you men for showing back up to this place that is special to several of us. Violence was chosen, but everyone was game.

Thinking of memories, God gives them to us for a reason. Duet 4:9, take lest you forget, like the Israelites in the desert.Ps 77- Has His love ceased? No, I will remember His deeds. Most importantly, methods like the Lords supper, where we remember Christ’s death, which bought life for all who believe.

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