• When: 2020-08-01
  • QIC: Handlebar
  • The PAX: Alter Boy, Columbo, Handlebar, Hugo, Inuit, Knock Off, Pappagiorgio, Socrates, Loose Screw, Enos, Wild Blue, Lock Box, Swamp Thing, Nittany.

Deconstructed Burpees and a Block Circuit

Convergence with Strut at Jumanji.

Weather:  A humid 77 degrees with a 5mph wind from SSW and partly cloudy.

Disclaimer given, and 13 PAX started with a mosey to the park entrance – 1 more PAX joined mid-warmup.

Warmup included:
10x Through the tunnel (I/C)
10x SSH (I/C)
10x Little baby arm circles forward (I/C)
10x Little baby arm circles backward (I/C)
10x Overhead claps (I/C)
10x Slow-mo squat (I/C)

Instruction was given for PAX wishing to walk to head down the back stretch of the dark mile and meet at the small parking lot at the end of the trail. Joggers were instructed to mosey around the canteen at the ball field, down the trail, and to the parking log.  Runners wishing to push it, took a trip around the dark mile and met at the parking lot. 2 or 3 walkers, 8 or 9 joggers, 3 runners. We more or less arrived all at the same time.

The thang:

Part I:
All lined up on the curb and did deconstructed burpees:
5x – Squats, Plank in-n-out, ‘merican, jump squat
10x – Squats, Plank in-n-out, ‘merican, jump squat
1x – Lap around the small parking lot
15x – Squats, Plank in-n-out, ‘merican, jump squat
1x – Lap around the small parking lot
20x – Squats, Plank in-n-out, ‘merican, jump squat
Totaling 50x deconstructed burpees
At this point, YHC was already smoked on his own Q and almost lost his lunch – and “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it” so we slowsey’d back to the brick pile so YHC could recover before starting part II.

Part II:
PAX grabbed a block from the pile. Circuit exercises were written on the curb in the upper portion of the parking lot – socially distanced for safety. Each PAX, spread out to 1 PAX per every-other parking space/exercise and would rotate every 1 to 2 minutes.  We did 1 full circuit, plus 2 more exercises.
OYO exercises included:
Block squats
Blockees (burpees with a block)
Block press
Overhead Press
Curls 4 the Girls
Standing row
Bent over row
Squat thrusters (Squat with block in front of chest, at the top, extend the block up in the overhead press motion)
Tricep extension -or- dips
BBSU (with or w/o a block)
Flutter kicks

Returned the blocks, and mosey’d back to the shovel flag for a few minutes of Mary:
Mary included:
21x Toe taps on the curb (I/C)
21x Heals to Heaven (or Hooves up (for Jumanji) or even better named Spurs Up) (OYO)
21x Ray Charles (I/C)
21x Flutter kicks (I/C)

Announcements & prayer requests:  Family members expanding their business, prayers for several physical issues, loss of loved ones. Jumanji home/away with Detention coming up. Strut and Lake Murray 7 year anniversary on 8-8-2020.

11 PAX for coffeeteria at Original Brunches.

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