• When: 2020-07-31
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Cheers, Argyle, Canseco, Rickter, Arrears, Brick, Hatchet, KenDoll

Urban Legend on the Fly

Weather, hot and humid, no rain, SC in July

9 pax showed up to take on UL. One minute was called and disclaimer given at 5:15. A quick prayer and the fun began.

From shovel flag the group moseyed to grass in front of the courthouse via the lower level of the parking deck and up the stairs. In the yard the pax circled up for SSH, WM, TTT, Mercan & MtClimber all completed at 10 reps ic. Warm-up finished with 5 burpees Oyo.

Pax then moseyed down main to the amphitheatre.  Unfortunately the gate was locked.  I really began to sweat at this point b/c the workout I had planned was based on a workout lead by Arrears a couple weeks ago which apparently was based on a past Ken Doll workout, but required the use of the amphitheatre.

The group was led to the parking lot beside the park behind town hall for some 11s. Mercans on the lower end and squats on the upper end.

The group was then led into the park to see what could be found. Deep in the park a few picnic tables, some large stone and retaining wall. Pax selected an elevated surface for a set of 11s consisting of box jumps and declined mercans.

The group continued along the trail looking for and exit on the hwy 6 side. The trail leads op a long hill but a fence prevented exit. Further along the trail an exit was found to the parking area behind town hall. The group the continued to the top level of the parking deck at the courthouse.

At the steps pax partnered up, one exercised at the steps will the other ran to the other end of the lot and back, the a flap jacked. 1st exercise was v-ups, once each pax exercised twice, the exercise was changed to lunges and run was changed to half the distance with 5 burpees. The last exercise was bbsu and the run returned to full length.

Group then traveled around the front of the courthouse back to the shovel flag. Mary was performed with AH & FK, 10 ic the AH & FK, 15 ic

Announcements: 911 Memorial event at smokehouse 9/26, Beechhouse convergence this Saturday at 6 am, Dam to Dam 2/20, Gauntlet coming around Nov, Safe Run is assessing viability

Prayer Requests: Cheers brother-in-law, Notebook & Wife, Praise E2 and wife new son

Devo: Romans 14, be leaders that bring people together not leaders that divide

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