• When: 2020-08-01
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: Any #MenOfDepot with the cajones to undertake the August challenge.

August 2020 Challenge


We’ve had a great deal of momentum at Depot the last few weeks with some folks coming off IR, some newer PAX embracing F3, and some seasoned #UTP back in the game and kicking ass.

As we all know, momentum is a fickle mistress (JDee, 2020), so we can’t let our guards down.  We must continue to push forward and challenge ourselves and each other.

To that end, we (you, me, any #ManOfDepot reading this) have some work to do in August for all 3 F’s.

Enter the August 2020 Challenge:

It will not be easy, but the rules are simple.  To complete the challenge, you must earn a minimum of 11 points in the month of August.  11 points starting tomorrow through 8/31/20 and you will complete it.  That’s it.

So how do I earn points?

Required Categories (you must attend at least one of each of the required groups)

  1. Attend Depot Boot Camp (1 point for each BC attended)
  2. Attend another AO’s Boot Camp (2 points for first BC, 1 point thereafter)
    • Note we have 2 ready-made options this month – 8/8 Strut Convergence and 8/25 Roost Half-Pipe Convergence
  3. Attend a Run/Ruck group (2 points for the first one, 1 point thereafter)
    • There is a standing run/ruck group on Wednesdays at the CATE center meeting at 0530/0600, others will pop as well throughout the month, typically on MWFs
  4. Attend a 3rd F Group (i.e. Legacy, Billy, or Rockpile) (2 for the first post, 1 point thereafter)
    • Legacy – 0615 on Tuesday’s
    • Billy – 0530 on Thursday’s at GOAT
    • Rockpile – 0500 on Thursday’s at Strut

Optional Categories (not mandatory, but other ways to score points)

  1. Q a workout with backblast – 2 points (no backblast, no points)
    • Backblast can be posted on F3 Midlands (preferred), and/or on Twitter and/or on the Depot chat (just do it). Backblasts must have a minimum of 3 things – when it was, who was there, what you did.  That’s it, does not need to be a magnum opus (but if you are so inclined to express your creativity, do it!).
  2. Bring an FNG to a Depot BC – 2 points
  3. Participate and represent F3 in a community event – 2 points
  4. Log your first post into the Coach.Me App (see below) – 1 point

To summarize – all you need are 11 points to complete the challenge, just 11.  You can get more and are encouraged to earn as many as you can, but you only need 11.  As above, you must have at least one post in each of the 4 required categories to complete the challenge.

How do I sign up and track my progress?

  1. Download the Coach.Me App
  2. In the app there’s a little plus sign (+) in the upper right, click this, search out and join “F3DepotAug2020”
  3. Each day you earn points log it in and make a note indicating what it was you did (i.e. “Depot BC” or “Legacy”).
  4. Rinse, repeat, prosper

Why 11 points instead of 10, that’s kinda dumb?

Anyone can turn it up to 10…

turn it up to 11 gifs | WiffleGif

…we are the #MenOfDepot, we turn it up to 11.

What’s in it for me?

I think we would all agree F3 is life changing, but only if you are involved.  The purpose of this challenge is to get you more involved in F3 and more involved at Depot. This helps you #accelerate, and for those who have been doing this a while can attest, it helps our whole group #Accelerate.  #LeaveNoManWhereYouFoundHim

In terms of tangible things, in addition to whatever bragging rights you’ll get from completing this challenge and earning as many points as you can, every Depot PAX who completes it will get a gift (to be revealed at the end) recognizing this accomplishment.

What are your questions?

Reach out to YHC at @F3_Fools_Gold with questions.


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