• When: 2020-07-31
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Doogie, Escobar, Spillway, Iron Mary (R), Pickle, Lego, MacGruber, Crack (R), DOT, Paper Jam, Eggo, Knozit (R), Dominion, Doo Dah (R), Kenwood (R).

Stride Strava Art – Male Disney Character

Round 2 of Friday Strava Art is in the books.  I think my next Q here may be an out and back as there were only a couple PAX that got all the turns right.  Just kidding.  But seriously, there were a couple gotya turns that threw some runners off.  No biggie.  Everyone got the mileage they needed today.

Conditions: you guessed it… muggy

1 minute warning, intro, route, prayer

The route…


Stride – Male Disney Character

~5.7 miles

    • Start at intersection of Maiden and S. Lake
    • Onto S. Lake (Hwy 6) towards Main Street
    • R onto Main Street (Hwy 1)
    • L onto Harmon (at stop light)
    • L onto Dreher (at stop sign)
    • S onto Columbia Ave (at stop light)
    • L onto Main (at stop light)
    • L onto Haygood (before Thompson Rental)
    • R onto Butler (at stop sign)
    • R onto Cedar (behind Radius)
    • S onto 3rd Avenue (crossing Main St)
    • L onto Elm (at stop sign)
    • R onto S. Church (at stop sign)
    • L onto Roberts (at 4 way stop)
    • R onto Summerfield (either entrance)
    • L onto Roberts (at stop sign)
    • L onto S. Church (at 4 way stop)
    • S onto Gibson (at merge)
    • L onto S. Lake (Hwy 6)
    • Finish at intersection of Maiden and S. Lake

We finished up with the count-o-rama, name-o-rama, COT, announcements, prayer


  • 8/8 – The Kraken (see Knozit), Hemmingway, Rocking Chair)
  • 9/3 – Dam2Dam sign up starts (see Paper Jam or Juice)
  • 9/26 – 9/11 Challenge at The Smokehouse
  • 2/20/21 – Dam2Dam (see Paper Jam or Juice)


  • None requested


  • Doogie loves all the chatter on the Stride message board.
  • This group struggles with famous sports quotes.
  • Everyone is ready for the election to be over!

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