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DoubleDown TABATA Beatdown

AO: _Castle
Q: DoubleDown
PAX: Big Worm, grilz, High Stick, Kamikaze, Katniss, Quaker, Turnpike, Turncoat, Wannabe, Wham, Escrow, DoubleDown, Special K
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSH,TTT,mosey,arm circles,etc.
THE THANG: four round, block: and brick, TABATA minute on, 20 sec off with mosey runs in between.
Rd 1. Merkins, dead lifts, curls, iron cross, chest press, block swing
Rd2 air punches, butterfly, kamikaze cup, plank row, overhead air punch, tri_ext
Rd 3 squat pull, merkin right block, block golf swing right, merkin left block, golf swing block left, calf raise.
Rd 4 napalm, pancake x3, rev lunge, pull/ curl/press, bent row/ butterfly/, alt curl n press
MARY: done above
ANNOUNCEMENTS: bring peanut butter on Monday.
COT:Lord’s Prayer

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