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The silent F, a pre-blast

When: July 25 at 8:15
Where: Woodshed
Who: All of you
What: What is the silent F you ask? Form. Think about it, many of us are out more than two days a week working out at whatever respective destination we call home. We are getting up early to participate in the 1st F to better ourselves. Doesn’t it make sense to make sure you have good form and mechanics while you are exercising? Would you continue to drive your car if the axel was bent or ride your bike if the tire was flat and not aligned? Yeah, I know, poor analogies but the point is that is exactly what many are doing when performing exercises without proper form or technique. The vehicle performs better and is less at risk of being injured or breaking down if the axel is straight and the tire is aligned properly and has adequate air. So July 25 at 8:15 at the Woodshed (Meadowfield Elem) I am holding a workshop for those who are interested on proper form and mechanics with the most commonly performed exercises throughout our respective workouts. All are welcome, even you Kim Jung.
Why: Because I want to help as many of the pax as possible to get the most out of each exercise safely without risk of injury

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