• When: 07/07/15
  • QIC: SisterWife
  • The PAX: Backdraft, Tonto, Silver Bullet, Improv, Oddesy, Dry Heave, Back Hoe, Teddy, On Ramp, Bubs, Meltdown, Stretch, Love Seat, Flip Shade, Moffet, Hee Haw, Voucher, Pondo, Chuey, Holy Poker, Pampers, Squint (FNG-Tony Vanawstein (sp)), FountainHead, Trike, PaperCut, Heist, Crack, SW

There is no Gray in the Gloom

A few weeks ago, Pondo approached me about taking up a Q slot in their rotation. A guest Q as it were. I immediately said yes and am honored to have been asked. As this is a strong, dedicated group, I only hope that delivered.

Conditions:  Not too bad for a July morning, 72 with some mugginess

The Thang:

Warm up COP in the parking lot:

  • LBAC forward – 15 4ct. IC
  • LBAC reverse – 16 4ct. IC (the pax were counting, YHC was day dreaming)
  • Calf raises – 15 4ct. IC
  • Plank jacks – 15  4ct. IC
  • Squats – 15 4ct. IC

Count off 1s and 2s and double applesauce indian run around the school to the brick/block cage. 1s grab bricks, 2s grab blocks. Circle up and plank until the group is reformed.

Ab COP (all performed w/out blocks or bricks)

  • Flutter kicks – 25 4ct. IC
  • CLBCs – 25 4ct. IC
  • Freddie Mercuries – 25 4ct. IC
  • LBCs – 25 4ct. IC

Grab blocks and bricks mosey around the back of the school over to the two buildings near the parking lot. During mosey, 1s alternating arm curls, 2s #Cusak.

1s line up on one wall; 2s on the opposite wall. During the next set, bricks stay on one wall, blocks on the other and the pax switch back and forth.

  • Wall sit – 60 secs w/block or bricks OH
  • Merkins – 50 OYO (all pax)
  • Pax sprint on the switch to the opposite wall
  • Wall sit – 60 secs w/block or bricks OH
  • Squats – 50 OYO
  • Pax sprint on the switch to the opposite wall
  • Wall sit – 60 secs w/block or bricks OH
  • BBSUs – 50 OYO
  • Pax sprint on the switch to the opposite wall
  • Wall sit – 60 secs w/block or bricks OH
  • SSHs – 50 single count OYO

With this rotation, the pax originally w/bricks should now be holding blocks and vice versa. Mosey back to the cage, 2s alternating arm curls, 1s #Cusak.

Partner up near the cage and complete 100 reps as a team

  • Curls w/block
  • OH presses w/bricks

COP w/plank sequence – 90 secs

Return bricks/blocks

Line up for indian run back around to the #ShovelFlag


Devo – SisterWife

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” ― Theodore Roosevelt


  • #WoodShed welcomed an FNG this morning courtesy of Fountain Head. Tony just moved to Columbia from Indiana > Eye Dr. at the VA > Squint. Welcome to the gloom Squint and glad to have you out.
  • It truly was great to be asked to Q at #WoodShed this morning. You guys are incredible and it was a lot of fun.


  • Stretch is putting together a workshop on proper exercise form. July 25, 8:15. Check his pre-blast for all of the details.
  • #HDHH for some 2nd F at Henry’s on Devine, Wednesdays.
  • Downtown lunch 2nd F opportunity on Thursdays, Chipotle Gervais St.
  • #Woodshed Convergence for the 1 Yr. Anniversary will be Aug. 29. 6 AM and 7 AM workouts.

That is all.

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