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It’s Tax Day, pay what’s due!

AO: Sawmill
Q: Cottontail
PAX: Cottontail, Lemmy, Mimi, Valdez, Rudder, Full Metal Jacket, The Beast, Gepetto, Frodo, Scat, Scat
FNGs: 1 Scat
WARMUP: yep. Done. Disclaimer. SSH, IW, Hillbillies, cherry pickers, Finkleswings, monkey Humpers, windmills, LBACs, mosey to block pile.
THE THANG: one trip down oakhurst hill, and back, just ☝️. Mit coupons. Stopping at every driveway for select exercises. Update disclaimer (don’t die from sudden impact from moving car, early birds in oakhurst today, who knew).
4-blockees (or Schenke’s, man makers, etc.)
15-merkins (or curls, presses, etc)
18-Dollie’s, rosalitas, or BBSU (mit coupon, etc)
20-goblet squats, lunges, or Bonnie Blair’s (etc).
And lots of mumble chatter, a lot, and then some more.
MARY: bonus, it was included in your pain-ment.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: lucky day, still finished with more items on the weinke, oh well, saved for another day. Named an FNG, welcome “Scat”. Not too late to support FMJ’s Young Life endeavor. Next Saturday is Gepetto‘a Sawmill 50k challenge, come and run your longest distance, challenge yourself, stretch those mental and physical restraints and get better.
hCOT: prayers for Rudders friend, reconciling the physical loss of friend. Reflection for the morning. We tithe, pay what’s due and taxes, but also expected to give to those in need, especially when you have what other man needs.
Luke 3:11-16 “John answered them, ‘The person who has two tunics must share with the person who has none, and the person who has food must do likewise.”

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