10/29 @ Sawmill

Disclaimer, warm up (LBAC, SSH, hillbilly’s, air squats, merkins), mosey to baseball field playground. “Elevens” evolution: 10 pull-ups, 1 v-up; 9 pull ups, 2 v-ups; etc; ending at 1 and 10. Bataan death march to football field equipment and partner up. LT Dan across field, jail break back. 2-man tire flip across, jail break back. …

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Bday Q (1971 & 48)

Rudder disclaimer and warm up: LBAC, finkleswings, ospreys, merkins, SSH, squats, cherry pickers, hillbillies, etc., etc. Grabba CMU and cusak to school lot. Line up. 1-burpee, mosey length of lot and back, 9-merkins, mosey length of lot and back, 7-big boys, mosey length of lot, jail break back, 1-burpee, warm up complete. Mosey to football …

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Leg Day? Again?!?

Summary YHC looked forward to some gloom-time Leg Shredding. However, after posting some Motto tweets about it last night, it become evident that Ramjack fart-sacked his backblast for his Saturday beatdown. YHC’s heart grew 3 sizes larger this morning and spared the pax. And spared their legs. MODIFIED! Disclaimer Reminded pax that one can modify …

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