• When: 2019-07-27
  • QIC: Splinter
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F3 Decathlon Preblast

What is it?
A 10 event challenge testing the speed, strength, power, and endurance of F3 Men.

When is it?
Saturday, July 27 at 8:00am
at Ben Lippen School, 7401 Monticello Rd, Columbia, SC 29203 (park and meet at the Track)

Good question. Moving on.

8:00am Weigh-In

Order of Events
8:15 200m Dash by weight class
8:25 Med Ball Power Throw
8:45 1 Mile Run

9:00 Rolling Start Events
(go from one to the next)
Bench Rep Max
1 Minute Max Sit-ups
Broad Jump
1 Minute Max Merkins

9:45 60m Hill Sprint
10:00 1 Minute Max Pull-ups
10:20 50 Burpees for time
10:30 Recognition of Champions

Weight Classes
251 and up
145 and under

– We need a handful of volunteers to help time/record. Message YHC to volunteer.

– Med Ball Power Throw: take a soft medicine ball, with your knees on the ground and your rear end touching your heels, you thrust the ball with both hands as far as you can. You keep your knees on the ground during the throw but you can use your hips to help your throw and finish with your chest on the ground.
– Bench Press is max reps of weight on the bar nearest to your body weight. Ex. 182lb man would rep 180lbs. and a 183lb man would rep 185lbs.
– Spotters are required for the bench press event
– Max Pull-Ups are the most you can do without dropping from the bar. Momentum is allowed to be used but spotters are encouraged to count “no rep” for anyone who either doesn’t reach adequate extension or get their chin over the bar.
– Max Push-ups: must be performed as at least a fist’s height off the ground at the bottom and full elbow extension at the top of the rep.
– Max Sit-ups: must be performed with arms crossed over the chest and hands on shoulders. A good rep brings the elbows to the knees and then goes back to a lying position. Spotters hold the feet and count.
– Burpees for time: Burpees must involve a full pushup and a finish with a hop with arms extending in a press overhead.


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