• When: 2019-07-16
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Threeway, Duckie, Misfire, Bindi, Boo Boo, Garnish, Cabana Boy, Blowout, Detour, Zima, Fade to Black, Stretch, Wally, Roses, Apple, Billy Bob

All you got.

Hammer and Thunder have been going at it this year with the #GreatestRivalryInSports. The challenge was laid down to see which AO has the most dedicated PAX. So far Thunder has been dominating to date so YHC decided it was time to throw out a challenge. Conveniently, former F3 Columbia Nant’an, McLovin was on the schedule to Q at Thunder, hence a #NantanChallenge was announced. Which Nant’an would have the most PAX post for their Q? YHC was named (by Splinter) after the Varsity Blues movie character, an obese football player known for having a pet pig named Bacon. Billy Bob became the hero of the game by being on the receiving end of the classic Hook and Ladder play; catching the ball and carrying the whole opposing defense on his back across the goal line to score the winning touchdown.

McLovin was named for this guy from the movie Superbad…

So you see, YHC had to win at all costs. 






Now, on to the workout. 16 PAX posted and got a taste of the upcoming F3 Decathalon being planned and hosted by Splinter on July 27 at Ben Lippen School. If you’re going to compete, you should compete to win and that means you’ve got to give all you’ve got. This is what we did…

Conditions: 76 and 100% humid.

Disclaimer: PAX were notified that we’d be leaving the AO and to expect that cars won’t see them. All Hammer PAX were wearing reflective gear. These men take safety seriously.

The Thang:

Head out for a 1 mile run to Trenholm park. Easy pace to start and gradually picked up speed to finish strong.

Circle up on football field to stretch out the hamstrings.

  • Through the tunnel x 10 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

1 minute AMRAP: Big Boy sit-ups.

Line up on far end of field

  • Broad jump to midfield
  • Bear crawl to end zone.

1 minute AMRAP: Merkins

Line up for sprints

  • 200 yard sprints (down and back) x 2
  • 100 yards go half pace to midfield then AYG to goal x 2.

Move to playground and divide into 2 groups for 1 minute AMRAP

  • Group 1: Burpee pull-ups
  • Group 2: Dips
  • after 1 minute switch exercises.

Move to tennis courts

  • Burpee suicides across 2 courts doing 1 burpee at each line.

One line Indian Run back to flag with an all out sprint to the finish.



Moleskin: The inspiration for this workout is the decathalon. (https://www.f3midlands.com/columbia-sc/f3-decathlon-preblast). The lesson is that we all need to test ourselves from time to time so HC now to participate and give it all you got! 

Hammer won the #Nant’an Battle 16 PAX to Thunder’s 11 however, Thunder is still winning the war.


F3 Decathalon July 27.

Prayers for RA and M, Cabana Boy’s family members involved in a car wreck, Zima as he considers a new job opportunity.