• When: 2019-07-17
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Holy Poker, Tapeworm, Keenan Daniels (?) FNG, Capgun, Pipeline, Bloodwork, Serena, Jar Jar

So Much Not Fun

Conditions: Soupy

Tha Thang: 8 pax descended upon Starbucks to embark upon a promised exciting and wonderful and fun journey…………

…I lied.

….It wasn’t fun. Nor exciting. Nor wonderful at all.

But we got better anyway.

GF – Hampton Hill- Kilbourne – Shady Lane – Quail Lane – Trenholm – Beltline – Devine – Endex (too hard to type too many arrows) for 6.2 miles, although several modified it to a 5.5m out-n-back on Shady. Kudos to the FNG (and his dog Jack) for hanging so well on his first post!

Namorama: FNG is an Army JAG who was EH’ed while walking his dog yesterday and posted today. He shared a rather embarressing story while shall not be recounted (it includes audio/video capability and bowel movements).  JAG ->Jaguar ->Big Cat -> Katnap (bc his hospital name starts with a K and we ran around Lake Katherine).

Announcements: Harbison trail runners shirts on sale, they go fast. Hairy Bison signups coming soon. Support Oliver Gospel Mission. Serena on Q at Legion tomorrow, come on out and get better.

Prayer requests:  For those who have nobody to prayer for them, Peace and end of wars, Bloodwork with new baby coming

Devo: Armory was at 0500