Jar Jar

Miseris succurrere disco soli Deo gloria.


Dads at play Conditions: Pretty great Tha Thang: 10 faithful gathered at the park for F3 Dads. Disclaimer given Warmup: SSH, Merkins, Burpees, American Hammers, Squats Mosey to circle Bearcrawl catchup race Crabwalk catchup race Mosey to the line Single leg hop relay Backwards hop relay Family leapfrog race Jailbreak(ish) Devo: Love your enemy DOUGHNUTS!!!!

Turtle Patrol

Conditions: Muggy, mildly warm Tha Thang: Invisible Disclaimer Route: 6 miles up and down some hills, around Lake Katherine, mild re-route for construction, some body armor dropped and donned, and 2 turtles rescued. Nice start to a Memorial Day. Invisible BOM Devo: Emailed later

The Killer B’s…did so

Conditions: Pre-Hurricane, a few drops, and the breeze helped Tha Thang: 14 idiots gathered in the Target parking lot for a #blitzvergence to be forgotten. Most were present for last weeks IronPaxChallenge Week 0 workout. While it was bad, and caused a lasting soreness in the groinish area, it was not horrific. So, most returned. …

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