Jar Jar

Miseris succurrere disco soli Deo gloria.

UnBearable at Da Bull

Conditions: Warm and humid Disclaimer (especially relevant today, but we had a dentist and a doc on-hand) Tha Thang: 6 pax tested the market today at the Bull and Bullseye. Their portfolios sank instantly. Standard Bull rotation/locations/counting, including LBCs at the bottom of each tower. At the top though, sub American Hammers for merkins. Why …

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The Zipppha!

Conditions: Medium comfy, humid Tha Thang: 5 pax gathered, all with various degrees of issues (injury, fatigue, just getting back into shape, etc), but decided to get better anyway. It’s Monday, and we’ve had little speedwork recently, so time to mix a little in. Hopefully Q’s in the near future will do the same. Disclaimer …

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Conditions: Muggy Disclaimer given The Thang: 5 pax total took on the forest….well, the Hamptons, which were once a forest, and now simply a bunch of trees with houses between. And you’d have thought, NOT on the pavement. Well, that was just too much to ask. Just as we were talking about running in the …

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Dads at play Conditions: Pretty great Tha Thang: 10 faithful gathered at the park for F3 Dads. Disclaimer given Warmup: SSH, Merkins, Burpees, American Hammers, Squats Mosey to circle Bearcrawl catchup race Crabwalk catchup race Mosey to the line Single leg hop relay Backwards hop relay Family leapfrog race Jailbreak(ish) Devo: Love your enemy DOUGHNUTS!!!!

Turtle Patrol

Conditions: Muggy, mildly warm Tha Thang: Invisible Disclaimer Route: 6 miles up and down some hills, around Lake Katherine, mild re-route for construction, some body armor dropped and donned, and 2 turtles rescued. Nice start to a Memorial Day. Invisible BOM Devo: Emailed later