Jar Jar

Miseris succurrere disco soli Deo gloria.

Triumphant return

Conditions: 31, humid but clear after biblical proportions of rain Disclaimer Tha Thang: Some background first…YHC first started posting at Dawnstrike circa 2016, but irregularly (which continues to this day). On May 20, 2017, I was honored with the opportunity to Q for the first time. I subsequently brought a #LegionLegit hour of pain to …

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Obligations Met

Conditions: Perfect Tha Thang: Disclaimer given. Warmup performed. Mosey to playground. Explain the running route and the Murph rules. Perform said Murph. Mary for the 6. Mosey to endex. Announcements: Performed Prayer requests: Prayed Devo: Provided

Off with a Bang

5 pax (eventually) gathered today for the first full workout in the reign of Darth Jar Jar. They were sorely disappointed, as his getting kicked out of bed for snoring led to oversleeping and arriving only for the last 15 minutes of fun. I mean, c’mon, what Sith Lord ever does that happen to? Regardless, …

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x 12 Hammerheads came out to shuffle around the ponderosa this fine day (note, despite 6 years of friendship, I never knew how Pondo got his name. Turns out it is from the Presbyterian College version of the Walk of Shame. Wow!). It’s Friday, so that means a flat-ish fast-ish 5K followed by #TBCIF3N. Conditions: …

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This is the way

9 wayward bounty hunters had the misfortune of finding themselves at Hampton Memorial Park at 0530 today. But they soon learned to follow Jar Jar, because… Conditions: (maybe not quite so extreme) Disclaimer Intro music: Tha Thang: Minimal running was promised, and delivered. Brief Mosey to COP while awaiting late arrivals, warm up with SSH, …

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UnBearable at Da Bull

Conditions: Warm and humid Disclaimer (especially relevant today, but we had a dentist and a doc on-hand) Tha Thang: 6 pax tested the market today at the Bull and Bullseye. Their portfolios sank instantly. Standard Bull rotation/locations/counting, including LBCs at the bottom of each tower. At the top though, sub American Hammers for merkins. Why …

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The Zipppha!

Conditions: Medium comfy, humid Tha Thang: 5 pax gathered, all with various degrees of issues (injury, fatigue, just getting back into shape, etc), but decided to get better anyway. It’s Monday, and we’ve had little speedwork recently, so time to mix a little in. Hopefully Q’s in the near future will do the same. Disclaimer …

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