Jar Jar

Miseris succurrere disco soli Deo gloria.

Turtle Patrol

Conditions: Muggy, mildly warm Tha Thang: Invisible Disclaimer Route: 6 miles up and down some hills, around Lake Katherine, mild re-route for construction, some body armor dropped and donned, and 2 turtles rescued. Nice start to a Memorial Day. Invisible BOM Devo: Emailed later

The Killer B’s…did so

Conditions: Pre-Hurricane, a few drops, and the breeze helped Tha Thang: 14 idiots gathered in the Target parking lot for a #blitzvergence to be forgotten. Most were present for last weeks IronPaxChallenge Week 0 workout. While it was bad, and caused a lasting soreness in the groinish area, it was not horrific. So, most returned. …

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So Much Not Fun

Conditions: Soupy Tha Thang: 8 pax descended upon Starbucks to embark upon a promised exciting and wonderful and fun journey………… …I lied. ….It wasn’t fun. Nor exciting. Nor wonderful at all. But we got better anyway. GF – Hampton Hill- Kilbourne – Shady Lane – Quail Lane – Trenholm – Beltline – Devine – Endex …

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Ta, Ta, Ta, Tunnel!

Conditions: Damp but nice Tha Thang: 20 of Columbia’s finest dads and 2.0s showed up for the 2nd edition of this summers F3 Dads workout. Fun was had by all, and some lawn clippings. Disclaimer Mosey to COP. SSH, Merkins, Squats. Split into teams. Remember, winning has its privileges! Winners of each competition did 3 …

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