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Miseris succurrere disco soli Deo gloria.

Gonna Fly Now

Conditions: 42 and clear, ground/bars a little wet Disclaimer Music du jour – Rocky Theme Tha Thang:  8 pax gathered for a continuation of YHC’s 2022 theme, that of completely stealing his own Qs from years past and slightly modifying. This was from May 2015, and had a strong Rocky/boxing theme. Today, less strong on …

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Fart (lek)

Conditions: 68 and humid Disclaimer Tha Thang: 3 pax gathered for a little speedwork. 4 accels of about 400-500 meters each, total route 4.3 miles. 2/3rds did the rx. One had a race 2 days ago, so #excused . Announcements: TomTomFoolery likely to be moved back to mid-January. Komen foundation is charity of the month, …

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4 faithful showed up to conquer the concrete beast. However, only YHC actually touched the beast, with the rest choosing the Bullseye, 2/3 weighted. No complaints here, as YHC joined them for a couple laps too with weight. Sure makes a difference. Disclaimer Tha Thang Announcements: Gump runvergence August 27th at Stumble Prayer requests: None …

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Conditions: Good grief Disclaimer Tha Thang: 8 (kind of) pax went for a joyride on two legs around an area we aren’t so familiar with. Despite a couple of near misses and some #grumblechatter from the SugarRay up front, as well as some jittery tummies, we all roughly ended up with 5.9-6 miles on approximately …

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Meet my friend Bert

Conditions: Barely beating storm Tha Thang: 6 faithful avoided the crazy train and came to Woodshed. While I have no problem whatsoever with that choice, I was personally mildly miffed because I tried to get out of this to go on the Midlands Tour and was unsuccessful. Therefore some punishment was in order…   Disclaimer …

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It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired – you quit when the gorilla is tired.

Conditions: Impossible to tell if it was raining Disclaimer , plus Al Gore at any break COP, usual stuff including Gorilla Humpers (Monkey Humpers, but wider) and Hillbilly Squats. Indian Run to playground via loop. Pain station with drydocks and pistol squats Slow explosive squats Bulgarian split squats Cindy’s cousin– pullup, merkin, squat descending ladder, 8/16>1/2 …

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