• When: 2022-02-08
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Side Salad, Teddy, Silver Bullet, Pondo, Ash, Silent Bob, Chewy, Jar Jar

Gonna Fly Now

Conditions: 42 and clear, ground/bars a little wet


Music du jour – Rocky Theme

Tha Thang:  8 pax gathered for a continuation of YHC’s 2022 theme, that of completely stealing his own Qs from years past and slightly modifying. This was from May 2015, and had a strong Rocky/boxing theme. Today, less strong on the theme, but no less effective. There was always something to do waiting for the 6 (AirChairs, plank, flutters, inchworm etc)

  COP: SSH, ISWs, Clubber Langes. Double Indian Run to playground.

3 burpees, 3 pullups, rinse and repeat for total of 18 each. #crowdpleaser

Mosey to tennis courts for the remainder.

Suicides standard, suicides including backwards, suicides with crabwalks, suicides with karaoke at various times.

The Wolverine: A burpee that includes 3 merkins and 2 Peter Parkers at the bottom. #doublecrowdpleaser

Wheelbarrows- A Harrowing Experience

Plankwork including starfish, supermans, hipdips, over the lines, snow angels, Makhtar N’Diayes

Mary: LBC, flutters, Russian twists, boxcutters

Sprint for finish, winning has its privileges. 1st place did one burpee at the end, 2nd place 2 burpees, etc.



Happy birthday Silver Bullet and respect to Serena

Devo: Source of strength from God above, who helps us to fight the good fight for the true faith.

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