Michael George


    The Warm Up 15 each LBA forward LBA backyard Overhead clap SSH TTT Plank jacks Imperial walker   The Thang: Grab a block and two bricks and mosey to Tombee 15 each Curls for the girls Overhead presses Tricep dips Merkins   Stroll down Tombee with bricks and complete 5 burpees at the …

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High Stick Humpday

Warm Up   Hill Run + 10 Burpees   Dora–100(each arm) Lawnmowers, 150 Goblet Squats, 200 BB situps Shuttle Run in between   Hill–half Bernie Sanders, half walking lunges   Back to Circle–Abs  LBC’s, Hello Dollys, Iron Cross, Superman, Box Cutter, Low Plank Finished with SSHs          

The Castle Derby

Warmup SSH, slow/fast merks, tunnel, calf/quad stretch, baby arm circles, overhead clap,Imp walkers, burpees    Derby workout—1.25m loop, 6 stations, 3 exercises per Totals—80 merks, 15  burpees, 30 Caro drydocks, 20 big boys, 120 lunges, 120 squats, 300 LBC   “Home Stretch” run to the circle    Finished w/ Hello Dolly’s, Russian Twists, Scissor holds, …

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Tour of Tombee

11 PAX at #thecastle endured a Tour of Tombee in quite pleasant weather. The warm up: 15 LBACF 15 LBACB Mosey around the parking lot 15 SSH 15 Imperial Walkers 15 TTT Calf stretch 15 plank jacks 15 bbsu oyo The Ditty: Grabbed blocks and headed to the top of liberal hill. We lunged walk to …

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9 PAX arrived at The Castle for a brick inspired workout. Warm-up: Stretch in cadence The Thang: Merkin on blocks (10 hands on block low as can go)                                  (10 feet on one block)                                  (10 feet double stacked Blocks) 3reps of 10 Skull crushers 3 reps of 21’s The 3rd Leg (named by …

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Free Bird Friday

      Warm Up: Side Straddle Hops Through the tunnel Little baby arm circles (forward/reverse) Calf stretch Thigh stretch   GET BRICKS Mosey to Bottom of Hill Bernie Sanders 1/2 way up 5 Burpies at Top Back to Bottom Bernie Sanders 1/2 way up 5 Burpies at Top   Run to End of Col …

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Modified Murph

10 PAX made there way down to The Castle for a post Super Bowl  modified Murph. The conditions were 32 degrees, clear and crisp. The warm-up: 15 BAC forward 15 BAC backwards 15 SSH 15 RTR 15 Imperial Walkers 15 slow fast merkins 15 plank jacks The ditty: Mosey to the top of Liberal Hill  and …

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