• When: 2019-07-15
  • QIC: Turncoat
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Wham, Hugo, Kamikaze, Special K, Wannabe, McLovin, Tough Guy, Socrates, Dunphy, Altar Boy, Ranger, Shake and Bake, Ken Doll, Katniss, Rocking Chair, High Stick

Tennis with Turncoat

18 PAX arrived at The Castle at 5:30 a.m. on a sticky 75 degree a.m. It was the day after Wimbledon wrapped up and everyone wanted to talk tennis.

The following tennis facts were revealed throughout the workout:

Most Wimbledon Championships (Federer, Navratilova), Youngest Wimbledon Champions (Becker, Hingis), Most Grand Slam Tourney Wins (Federer, Court), Winners of the Golden Slam (Graf, S. Williams, Agassi, Nadal)

Opened with the Disclaimer then onto exercises

Warm up

  1. Side straddle hop (20 in cadence)
  2. Through the tunnel (10 in cadence)
  3. Little baby arm circles (10 in cadence front and 10 in cadence reverse)
  4. Overhead clap (10 in cadence)
  5. The Frankenstein (20 in cadence)
  6. The butt kick (20 in cadence)
  7. Wave of merkins (to 6 by 2 – 12 total and a LOT of time planking)PAX paired up and each pair played a single point. The loser of the point was instructed to add a brick to their workouts. The Q observed that this direction was not taken seriously.The exercises to follow were performed on two tennis courts in two groups.
  8. The tennis courts
  1. Cusak with block around the courts while the other group did burpees, then switch up.
  2. Start together at the baseline of the court and then head in opposite directions around the court, one group bear crawling while the other group crab walks. Switch up when meet in the middle. End up back where we started.
  3. Block squats while the other group does a tennis court run 2 x (sprint from baseline to the service line, then back, then to the net then back, then to the opposing service line, then back, then to the opposing baseline, then back), then switch up.
  4. Block lunges around the tennis court while the other group did tricep dips, then witch up.                20 iron crosses (OYO)20 jump squats (OYO)Count-o-rama, Announcements (F3 decathlon coming up), Closing Prayer
  5.   20 big boy situps (OYO)
  6.    20 floyd mayweathers
  7. Back to the AOQ for some Abs