• When: 2018-03-23
  • QIC: Bellhop
  • The PAX: Pax of F3LakeMurray

Pre-Blast @F3LakeMurray 2018 Palmetto 200:

The 2018 Palmetto 200, a signature #CSAUP event for F3LakeMurray, is scheduled for March 23-24 (Friday and Saturday), 2018.  YHC is honored to serve as Q of this excellent event.

As you likely know, the Palmetto200 is a “unique, overnight running adventure in which you and 11 friends cover 200(ish) scenic miles from the Columbia area to Patriots Point (just outside of historic Charleston).”  This is an event beloved by many pax, many of whom maintain it is the most fun and most-looked forward to event of the year.

To participate, you need: (1) a team; and (2) to register.

Here are the pertinent details concerning teams and registration.


At present, there are 5 teams comprised of 48 pax:

Those teams are:

  • F3LakeMurray Depot (12 man) – Captains are Nathan Ballentine (Stagecoach) & Christian Stegmaier (Bellhop) (registration)
  • F3LakeMurray GOAT (12 man) – Captain is Josh Hills (Skunky)
  • F3 Lake Murray Grundle Butter (6 man Ultra) – Captain is Nick Haigler (Neckbrace)
  • F3LakeMurray Gingerbread Men (9 man) – Captain is Jason Thompson (Red Card)
  • F3LakeMurray Speedtrap (9 man) – Captain is Bryan Thomas (Reload)

At present, YHC understands that all slots for the teams above are filled.  However, if you are not yet on a team, there is room for all pax who want to participate.  There is the prospect of organizing a new team if there is sufficient demand for the same.  Alternatively, you can serve as an alternate for an existing team because a likelihood (strongly) exist that a conflict will arise for a current team member, which will require a substitution.  If you are not yet on a team, but desire to participate in the 2018 Palmetto 200, please either DM YHC on Twitter at @cstegmaier, text/call my cell at 803-467-9699, or email me at [email protected]  We will get you squared away.

The captain’s responsibilities are:

  • Registering the team ASAP on the Registration page of the P200 website (and fronting the initial cost of the registration). Use the team names as written above when registering your team.  At present, F3LakeMurray Depot and F3LakeMurray Ultra are registered.
  • Setting up a chat ASAP either on Twitter or text for his team and being the lead communicator concerning registration, training, race logistics and coordination, and general cheerleading to get and keep the pax moto.  The captain must give the team members the team name and password provided to him by P200 at the time of registration so that they can log on and register themselves individually on the team’s registration portal.
  • Ensuring that each team has a 12-16 passenger van the Thursday night before the event.
  • Delegating responsibilities where necessary to ensure registration, training, transportation, and event logistics are accomplished.

The team members’ responsibilities are:

  • Registering as an individual participant on the team’s registration portal ASAP after your captain has registered the team and provided you the team name and password.
  • Reimbursing your captain promptly for your share of the registration.  Your captain will provide you the exact amount.
  • Concerning registration, you will be asked your average pace.  Don’t be a hero or over-exaggerator.  Your team’s start time and estimated times for legs and the finish will be built on the times provided to P200.  Be as accurate as possible.
  • Running 3 legs over the course of 36+ hours, totaling 16-22ish miles.
  • Cover is own expenses for any meals or other purchases made during the relay race.
  • Share (pro rata) in the expenses relating to the team’s van rental and accompanying gasoline to get your team to Charleston and back.

We talk a lot about accountability in F3. To that end:

  • Training before the event so that you can give your best (read: maximum)effort.  Not training is unacceptable.  You’re either on the team or you’re not.  To be on the team, you must train.  While this isn’t the Olympics and this race is designed to be more fun than anything, it is still an event where your best effort is required.  Your team is counting on you to complete your legs within the times you said you could complete them in.  They’ve done the work to be ready, so don’t let them down.  Training doesn’t mean that running has to become your new lifestyle, but it also doesn’t mean a sole 3-mile “tune up” the Wednesday before the P200 (or no running at all beforehand).  You know what you need to do to be ready, so do it.  There are ample opportunities every week to join one of the many F3LakeMurray run groups to get your act together and be prepared.
  • Providing as much distant early warning to the team if a conflict such as injury or another material/legitimate extenuating circumstance arises (e.g., I’ve changed jobs and now can’t the time off to participate) , which prevents you from participating and competing.  Good reasons for bowing out do not include changing your mind at the last minute because what seemed like a good idea in September isn’t sounding so good when March rolls around and its brass tacks time and you haven’t prepared.  Again, your team is counting on you.  Don’t flake out; people will remember if you do.

Registration and Pricing

For the amount of fun and fellowship you will have over the course of 36+ hours, the P200 is a relative bargain.  The captains are the only ones on the team who are registering the team.  Once he does, he is to provide his teammates by text or chat the name of the team and the password to access the team’s registration portal.  The team member’s job then is to register as individual participants on the team ASAP and reimburse your captain promptly for your pro rata share of the registration fee. Below is the pricing for the teams:

Before 9/30/2017: Full is $1,250; Ultra is $750.

Until 12/15/2017: Full is $1,450; Ultra is $800.

After 12/15/2017: Full is $1,550; Ultra is $900.

There is a modest handling charge that accompanies the registration.

Per the registration guidelines, 7-12 runners is a “Full” Team and 4-6 runners is an “Ultra Team.”  Accordingly, the 9 man teams will be required to register a “Full” team.

There is an F3 Discount, which shaves $100 off the Full Team registrations and $50 off of the Ultra Team registration.  Accordingly, for example, the total Full Team registration amount is $1185.  Prorated for a 12 man team, the total fee per runner is $98.75.  For a 9 man team, the total fee per runner is $131.67. The discount codes you will need to get the discount are these:

Full Team: P200_2018_F3_FULL

Ultra: P200_2018_F3_ULTRA

Captains are to register and pay for teams before 9/30/2017 to take advantage of pricing.

We will have a great time together during this next year’s race.  I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

Questions: Please let me know via DM on Twitter at @cstegmaier, text/call at 803-467-9699, or email at [email protected]