• When: 2021-03-09
  • QIC: Handlebar
  • The PAX: Columbo (RESPECT), Papa G (AOQ), Lizard Man, Hugo, Dropped Call, Alter Boy, Recyclops, Handlebar

Supersets Get you Swole’d Up

Tuesday 3-9-2021

Weather Report

After this workout on the DM thread, Alter Boy said the only thing that got him up was his ‘HC’ the night before. This has certainly got me to many workouts in the past that I would have otherwise slept through. Make up your mind that you’re going to do something, make yourself accountable in some shape/form/fashion, and ‘accelerate’. The power of the ‘HC’ wins again – don’t let the fartsack win.


  • 15x (I/C) SSH
  • 15x (I/C) TTT
  • 15x (I/C) Squat
  • 15x (I/C) LBAC Forward
  • 15x (I/C) Downward Clap (Dirty Bird)
  • 15x (I/C) LBAC Reverse
  • 15x (OYO) Merican
  • 15x (I/C) Windmill
  • 15x (I/C) Imperial Walker

The theme today was supersets of complimentary muscle groups.  After grabbing a block, we worked our way around the “Dark Mile” in clockwise fashion. Exercises (all OYO) were administered as follows:

3x Sets each of:

  • 15x Alpos & 15x Overhead press
  • 15x Goblet squat & 15x Step-ups
  • 15x Curls for the girls & 15x Merican

  • 15x Single arm rows (lawnmower) & 15x Chest press
  • 15x Big boi situps & 15x Mountain climbers
  • 15x Kettle bell swings

Totals for each exercise (excluding warmup) were 45x (for those keeping track at home for the Lent Challenge).

After putting the blocks back, we did 25x (I/C) Toe Taps on the curb at the shovel flag until time expired.

Mumblechatter included:

  • Hugo’s dietary intake from the night before being reexperienced in gaseous form this morning
  • YHC’s comorbidity factor to get the COVID vaccine
    • Does the vaccine make you impotent? DC wants to know.
  • Columbo’s beard trim
  • Lizard Man fighting the 2021 Great Upstate Fire last weekend.
  • The moon
  • Iron Pax is in the late Summer, not Spring

Back blast Easter Egg for the first non-Jumanji PAX to read this far and sees this message – for the first visiting pax to sign up to Q a Jumanji Saturday w/o, YHC will buy your coffeeteria breakfast on your Q date.


  • Tuesday 3-16-2021: Jumanji travels to Crypt – 0515 start time
  • Thursday 3-18-2021: Crypt visits Jumanji – 0515 start time likely
  • Friday 4-30-2021: Special Herdvergence – Jumanji will Q at Urban Legend and Stampede will run at Stride

Prayer Requests:

  • Slim Jim, a local pax from a few years ago that moved to NC, was diagnosed with stomach(?) cancer.
  • Hugo’s brother and his family.

Official Strava Record (or it didn’t happen)

Here’s your TVGuide listings for Jumanji


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