• When: 2019-07-20
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Wild Hog, Britta, Lumberg, Rocking Chair (R), Wingback, Breakfast Club, Navy Bean (R), Trickle, Ramrod, The Uniballer, Overage, Man Bun, Buzzsaw (R), Ranger (R), Muggy Tape, Half Empty, Argyle, Pop Off, Moist, Drisoket, Irrev, Cheers, Honey Boo Boo, MacGruber, Monster Jam (2.0), Kenwood.

Saturday’s Spartan-ish Workout

First of all I’ll like to thank the guys who posted for coming out and putting in some hard work and (hopefully) having a little fun.  I stumbled into F3 4 years ago while prepping for a Spartan event.  Since then I’ve been doing a Spartan themed workout around my F3 anniversaries.  Thursday marked 4 years of F3 for me – it was a 2 second decision that is and will continue to be one of the better things I’ve done.

So I planned the course, placed a “sneak peak” map out yesterday, and the PAX showed up.  26 in all with ~3 for StrideLite and ~10 for Coffeteria.

1 minute warning, intro, I don’t recall a disclaimer, prayer

I told the guys how I got into F3 to help explain why I do these types of workouts.  It takes more preparation than a typical workout but, to me, is worth it.  If nothing else, it might give some ideas to other PAX on different exercises, etc.  It also uses muscles you don’t typically use.

After the intro, we mosied to the center of the practice field.  While warming up with some Michael Phelps and Imperial Walkers, I explained the course and the obstacles/exercises.  We then partnered up and dispersed to different sides of the field (to spread the guys out), ran around the field from station to station doing the exercises.

Here are the exercises in order – where you actually started was random.

  • BARBWIRE CRAWL – really an invisible barbwire crawl (but it hurts the same)
  • BROCKS – short for brick and blocks
    • using bricks
      • 24 x SIDE LAT RAISES
      • 24 x FRONT RAISES
      • 24 x BENT OVER FLYS
    • using 1 block
      • 12 x THRUSTERS
      • 24 x CURLS FOR THE GIRLS
      • 12 x BLOCK SWINGS
    • using 2 blocks
      • 24 x SHRUGs
  • ROPE CLIMB – rope climb to top
  • RING MERKINS – using rings, do merkins
  • ROWS – using handles, while laying back, do rows
  • PULL-UPS – using bar, do pull-ups
    • 20 x STEP-UPs
    • 20 x DIPs
  • FARMERS CARRY – carry two 5 gallon buckets of water to opposite sideline and back
  • TIRE DRAG – using the rope, drag the tire to you, and return
  • TIRE FLIP – flip tire 5 times out and 5 times back
    • 45# ruck on
      • 12 x MERKINS
      • 16 x SQUATS
      • 6 x BURPEES
    • 45# ruck off
      • 16 x FRONT RAISES to chin
      • 16 x BENT OVER ROWS
  • ROPE CLIMB – rope climb to top
  • BALL PULL-UPS – baseball or softball grips to choose from
  • BEERS ON THE WALL – line up side-by-side, plank, relay merkin 8 pieces of PVC down the line where you grab a piece of pvc with one hand, merkin, roll it to your other hand, merkin, stack it or pass it to the next guy
  • SANDBAG CARRY – carry 50# sandbag to other sideline and back
  • SPEAR THROW – 16 BURPEEs max, 2 spear throw attempts, making a “far” throw into the target takes away 8 burpees, making a “near” throw takes away 4 burpees, missing target does nothing
  • MEMORY TEST – when you get here you have to memorize a phrase that corresponds to your birth month, then at the end you have to recite that phrase, get it right – you’re done, get it wrong – 12 BURPEES (then you’re done)

On the second lap, I told the guys to cut the reps in half with the thought that we could get another full lap.  Once time was called, we did the memory test by grouping everyone by month.  So the “January’s” went together, etc.  There were a couple misses (aka. burpees).

We stayed in place for the announcements and prayer.


  • Next Thursday – steak night at DriSocket’s shop
  • 8/3 – pool party at Vinter’s Woods pool
  • 8/24 – Stomp the Swamp
  • 8/24 – Jailbreak Escape


  • Blindside’s daughter/family
  • Injured PAX
  • Inspector Mom’s M’s grandfather passed
  • Tyrell? – Shake-n-Bake was visiting while in hospital
  • Swanson – father passed last night


  • T-claps to MacGruber for coming out early and helping me set things up!
  • T-claps to Buzzsaw for throwing in a pull-up bar setup.
  • Good to see some guys there from other AOs, as well as local guys that don’t regularly post on Saturdays.
  • Someone asked me a question and a couple seconds later I was doing an F3 workout.  Who else out there needs to be asked?  Keep the EH’s going!