• When: 2019-07-18
  • QIC: Harper Valley
  • The PAX: Mayhem (respect), Cornwallis, Crackhead (respect), Dufresne (respect), Flight Risk, Skidder, Schrute, Skipper, Bolt (respect), Stats (respect, Big Load, Snooki, Mayplant (Mad Respect), Kiffin, Timber, Hope Solo, Sacagawea (respect), Harper Valley


Conditions:  HOT AS ODB AND HUMID.  A lovely 78 for 5:30 AM

Intro:  YHC, after being out for almost 3 weeks, was tasked with the Q from AO Cornwallis.  As YHC is always looking for new and interesting ways to add to the PAX (Man in the Mirror, Full 4X6 Beams, Rectory 400 Revisited!) I found a couple of F3 Workout Dice from Five Below! Those Dice have been renamed the Octagon Death Balls or ODB!! They may or may not find their way back to the PAX but for now, If I do not see them for a while, I will be fine.  It is equally important to note that NEON was absent from YHC Q!


Warm-Up: Mozie to Corner of Lyttleton and COP:  SSH IC X 20

Warm-Up:  Mozie to Bus Entrance/Synagogue:  Merkins Slow Count IC

Warm-Up:  Mozie to Corner of Lyttleton and Laurens:  LBC 30 OYO

Warm-Up: Back pedal to lamp post and forward run to School Entrance

Warm-up:  Left over right and right over left stretch

Slow Run to School Playground.  A Big Shout out to Mayhem for saving us from extra running but also a slam for not knowing there was a back gate off of the car loop.


PAX Circled up in Playground.  Each Pax would role Green ODB and Blue ODB and Pax would perform exercise.  Although, YHC prayed we would not hit the Burpee roll over and over, we did hit the Merkin, Jump Squat, Plant and Bicycle over and over and over again. YHC called an audible and had PAX perform 20 Dips and 15 Pull ups only to have Timber screw over the entire PAX with the last exercise of 1 Minute Wall Air Chair and 15 Burpees prior to having to run back to COP.  PAX did stop at a few key areas to do some minor exercises or as YHC likes to call them:  A Chance to Breath.

Although some enjoyed the ODB, after the Air Chair and the 15 Burpees, YHC thought they sucked the B of the OCB….just saying.



Moleskin:  F3-Camden is strong in our support of each other.  We are committed to being light in a dark world and making a difference in our homes, neighborhoods and communities.  We are F3-Camden!