• When: 2020-01-04
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Cure Aid, Dominion, Twerk, Bogey, REC, Mercy Rule, Flex Seal, SPF, Soaker, Argyle, Muggy Tape, Kenwood (R)

Avoiding dicey weather

Earlier this week a change in Q’s was made at The Hollow to work around an illness.  That prompted YHC to grab today’s Q.  A weinke was selected that would keep the PAX out the weather.  It ended up just drizzling ever so slightly – but the ground was super soggy.  Working out under the breezeway was definitely the way to go.

2 for RuckLite.  12 total for BootCamp.

Weather: warm, muggy, wet

  • 1 minute warning, intro, no FNGs, disclaimer, prayer

Mosey just a bit to get our warm up in

  • 15x SSHs IC
  • 15x Mtn Climbers IC

Mosey to the block pile, snag one, and make your way around to the courtyard’s breezeway.   Pick a dry spot and listen to YHC explain the game…

There were 6 dice – 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue.  Each color had a 6-sided die that would decide the exercise.  Each color also had a 12/20/100-sided die that would decide the reps.  We took turns rolling the dice and doing the exercises.  Every so often we would run to the shovel flag and back.  We managed to get around the PAX 1-1/2 times (we did maybe 18 rounds???).  Some exercises were rolled multiple time while some were never rolled.  The layout of the dice and exercises were…

  • Red Dice, potential reps of 1,2,3,…,12
    • 1 – bear crawl out and back (we substituted balls to the wall since it was messy)
    • 2 – block jump burpees
    • 3 – block thrusters
    • 4 – block decline merkins
    • 5 – morning woods
    • 6 – balls to the wall
  • Green Dice, potential reps of 1,2,3,…,20
    • 1 – block CFTGs
    • 2 – LBCs
    • 3 – block over merkins
    • 4 – BBSUs
    • 5 – block squats
    • 6 – block incline merkins
  • Blue Dice, potential reps of 10, 20, 30,…,100
    • 1 – block sumo squats
    • 2 – flutter kicks
    • 3 – calf raises
    • 4 – block bent over rows
    • 5 – block overhead presses
    • 6 – toilet seat block squats

When time was up we returned blocks and met back at the shovel flag for the count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, prayer.

Music – Eagles greatest hits for 30 minutes, then Halloween playlist 30 minutes


  • Helping to collect shoes for Digits.
  • Dam-2-Dam
  • Harbison 50K (good luck to those running)
  • Find an event this year outside of F3 to challenge yourself


  • Keurig – mom’s first cousin passed

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