• When: 2020-01-03
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Arrears, Cheddar, Black Lung, Shag, Pinot, Watergate, Double Fault, Pepto, Chop Block, Pennystock, Casio, Steel Toe, Olive Oil, Booster

Froccer to start off 2020 at Clash

New year. New Clash. Couple things changing in Clashville.

  1. Backblasts are back. Every week.
  2. Q sheet is up and running. You sign up to Q, you are responsible for backblast within 24 hours. Everyone be a team player and sign up so it doesn’t end up being the same few people writing it every week. Create your own twist to the backblast, make it entertaining, etc…
  3. A Clash shirt design is in the making. If you have a design idea, let Pepto know.

First Clash of 2020 brought 14 PAX in PERFECT weather for a pretty decent game of froccer. Good guys (Booster, Double Fault, Pennystock, Steel Toe, Arrears, Watergate, and Shag) jumped out to a big league on the bad guys (Pepto, Chop Block, Olive Oil, Pinot, Cheddar, Black Lung, and Casio) but it unraveled during the third TV timeout and bad guys ended up coming away with the dub piece.

Now it Clash backblast fashion, your top(ish) 5 moments:

  1. It was a day of dialing it up from long distance. For some people (Double Fault, Cheddar, Olive Oil) they were looking like Steph Curry, Clay Thompson, and Kyle Korver the way they were making it rain from down town. Some of those distance shots should have counted for more than one. For others (Booster, Steel Toe, and Chop Block)- lets just say we would have been better off sleeping in this morning and that would have been closer to scoring a goal than some of those long distance disappointments we were dishing.
  2. Shout out to Double Fault for wearing a shirt brighter than the sun. He single-handedly caused the good guys to have to wear pinnies. Hopefully he didn’t actually pay for that shirt. DF was looking like the Miami Dolphins on one of those dreadful color rush Thursday night football games.
  3. The Double Fault-Cheddar opposing team relationship continued this morning. Most notably was the box out post-up hip-trust that Cheddar gave to Double Fault during a little post-up defense. What happens at Clash, stays at Clash.
  4. Can’t forget about my man Arrears, coming out of Clash retirement and making his presence felt, especially on defense. Word is he is gonna be making some regular appearances as long as he doesn’t have to wear the smedium yellow pinnie Double Fault made him wear today. Hoping Arrears posting will spur some of our previous Clash participants in the Lake Murray area we haven’t seen much of lately: Pothole, JD, Lumbergh, The Don, Lapdog, A1A Butterbean, Phantom, FN3, Wolverine, Pebbles, Red Tee, Cup Check, Okra strut and the rest of y’all.
  5. No comment on the controversial goal in the 36th min. Let’s just say game is under protest. I’m addressing that with my attorney Arrears. My people will be in touch with your people. If I say anything else I may be fined.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama

Prayer requests- Doublefault’s superintendents wife Erin, Shag’s friend’s niece


We talked about the wise men in the story of Jesus’s birth. They weren’t there for the manger scene. It may have been 2 years from the time God revealed to them the birth of the King until they actually made it to Jesus. What a journey… but what an outcome. Wonder if the wise men ever thought about turning around?

Spiritually- are you expecting a pray today, answer tomorrow type of outcome from God? Are you frustrated God isn’t answering your prayers? Have patience, be consistent in Bible reading, prayer life, asking God to use you in ways you have never been used before to glorify Him.

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