• When: 11/08/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: The Crapper, Hopper, Shades of Gray, Myrtle, Kevin Modlin (55) FNG (Training Wheels), YeeHaw, Cinderella, Fast Casual, Itchy, Shake and Bake, Band Camp, RayBan, Pinot, Bing, Rambling Wreck, Ginger, Good Hands, Soft Tail, No Show, Hoser, Breakfast Club, Cream Cheese, Slumlord, Forest, Pickup, Giggles, Whisper, Netflix, Utah, Blackout, No Help, Shag

32 pax converge on Graveyard to test out their combat fitness

YHC had signed up for this Q months ago.  This Q was special to him.  Today’s Q was meant to honor the 239th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  YHC spent almost seven years in the Marine Corps and loved every second of suck that it through at him.  So naturally to help celebrate the birthday he wanted to make this workout a Marine Corps themed workout.  What better way to do that than to take the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test (CFT), modify it (we don’t have ammo cans or grenades, pretty sure they don’t want that stuff on a school campus anyways), and then run his self and the pax through the modified (CFT).

So this morning, YHC had a flashback.  The flashback was because he was putting on his cammies in preparation for PT like he used to do only a couple of years ago.  He put on his woodland cammies, threw on a green skivvie shirt, tightened his MCMAP belt, laced up his Marine Corps Danners, and headed to the AO.  After a brief explanation of why YHC was dressed the way he was, we all headed out run through the gauntlet that is the CFT.

Weather: Mid to high 30’s, low humidity

The Thang

Lap around practice field, mixture of high knees and butt kicks


SSH x 20 IC
LAC x 20 IC (10 front, 10 rear)
TTT x 10 IC
Imperial Walker x 20 IC
LBC’s x 20 IC

Count off, 1’s and 2’s – Conduct modified Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test
Grab blocks or bricks, circle back up, do block/brick press for 2 minsammo
Move to end zone, run with block/bricks to opposite endzone 20 merkins and run backammo2
Put bricks/blocks back up and move to track

880-yd movement to contact (approximately 2.2 laps)


Mosey to endzone (main field) and split into two groups (group one and group two) – this was done as a relay, group one vs. group two.  Losing team does 10 burpees (Group two lost)

Start in low merkin position, on ‘Go’ sprint to the 25 yd line and J-hook around markerFirst female Marines attend infantry course
High crawl for 10 yds, then high crawl/bear crawl for 15 yds to the 50 yd line
Sprint 50 yds, plank while awaiting remaining pax

Partner up, pick up pax and buddy drag 10 yds


Firemans carry pax back to 50 yd line, switch

Buddy drag 10 yds, firemans carry pax back to original goal line (this was the end of the modified CFT)

Mosey to 50 yd line, ones and two run to opposite end zones, Flutter kicks x 20 IC and back to the 50 yd line. 10 slow count merkins, hold in down position (1 sec rep one, 2 sec rep two…)
Run to end zone, 10 burpees and back to 50 yd line, 10 slow count LBC’s (Hold up 1 sec rep one, 2 sec rep two…)

Circle up for Tabata – Imperial Walkers & Carolina Dry Docks (crowd pleaser)

No Help Special – static flutter kicks (hold each leg for 30 seconds, then 6″s for 10 seconds)


Name FNG – Kevin Modlin, Iowa Hawkeyes fan, initially Cyclone but he liked that so it didn’t work, almost Buckeye, likes golf, Hack? no, does HVAC work, Freon? Already taken, rides Harley’s – Training Wheels


Boneyard TTh @ 0515 and Sat @ 0615

F3 Lexington area Christmas party, Country Club of Lexington Dec 19th


Continued prayer for Walker and Nail Pops family, prayer for injured F3 brothers (Wiggles, FDIC, Lead Belly, Pajanimal, Skinny Clause (Skinny Clause had a stroke recently))



Remember sacrifices made by Veterans (Nov 11, Veterans Day), never forget the sacrifices made (time, physically, mentally) Help when you can, even if it is simply listening…sometimes it is hard to know when someone really needs it.  Vets mask and hide physical and mental pain, never be afraid to ask them and be sure to check up or in with them.

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