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Swingline brings Burpees to Sawmill

AO: Sawmill
Q: Swingline
PAX: Rudder, Valdez, Gepetto, Flapper, Goodspeed, Lemmy, Shuttlecock, Swingline, Frudo
FNGs: None

x33 SSH
x1 Burpee
x22 Hillbillies
x1 Burpee
x11 Thru the Tunnels


33 Workout –
Run Field before the cliff (~20/40 yards) after each burpee set

3 Tombstone Burpees
6 Plank Jack Burpees
9 BDE Burpees
12 Wave Burpees
15 Navy Seal Burpees
18 Spider Burpees
21 Broad Jump Burpees
24 Hand Release Burpees
27 Tuck Jump Burpees
30 Tombstone V-Up Burpees
33 Beast Burpees

Plank Set to finish it out
High Plank
Low Plank
Right Arm Plank
Left Arm Plank
High Plank

There were a total of 200 burpees in various forms and plenty of mumble chatter centered around how much Sawmill loves burpees.

The significance of the number 33 is that is the number of years that Christ walked this earth. As Christians, we are called to be Christ-like in our actions and words. This workout is. reminder of that calling.

We do not know if Jesus did Burpees as he walked on water!

A big thanks to Sawmill for a total of 56 jars of PB donated to support Connie Maxwell!

2/25 – Northeast Convergence at Westwood
3/11 – Charleston Convergence

Prayers for friends going through difficult health issues (stroke) as they navigate recovery and health care services.

Prayers for the children being served by Connie Maxwell.

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