• When: 2023-02-21
  • QIC: Lego
  • The PAX: Lego, Dunphy, Soaker, Boo Boo, Coon Dog, Bull Dog, Cow Bell, Satchle, Blue Rhino, Garth, Ranger, Grave Digger, Duff, Ken Doll, Cart Wheel, Forrest, Broad Head, FNG >Richard Sanders >

Post D2D Upper Body BC

YHC Signed up to Q today to make sure no one had any silly ideas of working legs after running the Dam 2 Dam.  BTW, special thanks to Paper Jam and Juice for putting together an excellent event.

Monday night, as YHC was trying to come up with something to put on a Weinke, Boo Boo was spinning the wheel.  His band of merry delinquents decided that Shawshank would be a good place to go to on Tuesday.  There is debate on if this was a wise choice, but that is for each individual to decide.  When I pulled up to Shawshank with a lot of cars in the parking lot, I was worried about having enough blocks and I was worried about no one understanding or not listening to instructions.  I was not worried about forgoing the Circle of Pain (much to Ken Doll’s dismay).  Nor was I worried about not having a good time.


Head over to block pile, where everyone got a block with 3 leftover.  Apologies for the Pax that got the extra heavy blocks.  Blame Hah ‘N Rice.

Line up at the sidewalk.  We will run suicides.  Three light Poles in front of us and three behind.  Run to Front and back Pole #1, Then front and back Pole #2, and Finally front and back Pole #3.  Every time you stop at a light pole to perform exercise.  Every time you cross the sidewalk, stop to do 10 Overhead Presses.

Front Pole #1  – Mucho Macho – 5 merkins, 3 werkins, 5 left hand in front merkins, 5 right hand in front merkins.  20 total

Rear Pole #1 – shoulder taps – 10 each shoulder

Font Pole #2 – Flutter Kicks x20

Rear Pole #2 – American Hammer x20

Front Pole #3 – V-Ups x20

Rear Pole #3 – BBSU x20

If you finish before time it called, start back over.

Time called, put up bricks and line back up at the sidewalk.  Follow sidewalk back to shovel flag, stopping at each light pole for 10 burpees.  Decrease by 1, at each successive light pole.


Richard Sanders >> Has a sales job, “that was complicated and hard to explain” >>.  Welcome “Amway”


Hebrews 13:8-9

Proverbs 1:1



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