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DRP (Daily Red Pill)

AO: Armory
Q: Serena
PAX: Backstop, BunkBed, robber, SweetTart, Serena
FNGs: None
“THE THANG: Q Source Topic, 1st Point in Get Right: DRP

To get out of Sad Clown Syndrome, a Disruptor is needed to get out of our “cage with velvet bars”. DRP is the DAILY commitment to Accelerate our 3Fs. To Move from Amateur to Pro, we need to commit to actual movement, not just the Appearance of movement (E.Q.V. Esse Quam Videri: To Be, Rather Than to Seem).

PAX shared some of the Disruptors in their lives. YHC asked how we may be Disruptors. Snowflake shared about his “Why” and how it enables his to take the DRP, Robber shared how Preparedness enables us to provide and Be There for those that depend on us (Conentrica).


COT”: Prayers as Backstop starts new job and that Robber’s bones get healthier.

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