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Sawmill Inaugural Winter Olympic with slackblast pending bunk bed approval

AO: Sawmill
Q: Cottontail
PAX: Waterboy, Snowden, Cheesesteak, Flapper, Gepetto, Valdez, Lemmy, Full Metal Jacket, Cottontail, Shuttlecock, Musket, Rudder
FNGs: None
WARMUP: SSG, copperhead squats, LBAC, mosey to Doko
THE THANG: some pre-run only, some run in lieu of beat down, etc.
my imaginary winkie said:
two teams by age, young guns vs. wise men. a lap around Doko with 10 pain stations along the way.
-lunges and merkins with block
-stairs with burpees at top
-lunges with blockees
-murder bunnies and Lt Dans.
-broad jumps and bear crawls
-block burners and abs
-tire flips and dry docks
-BBSH with log and monkey humpers
-tire drag and pick your other
-block burners again
-cusak back to start
MARY: some included, most did the exercise, a lot of mumble chatter to work around
2/18 Dam2Dam.
2/11 Sesquicentennial Trail Run and Ultra. Sign up, various lengths, or just post and support @gepetto on his inaugural 30-hour ultra. You can support logistics and/or run a 7 mile lap with him in middle of the night.


COT: Proverbs 27:1 tells us tomorrow is not guaranteed. Live your best today for yourself, family and community.
A good friend, non-smoker, runner, athletic, clean living husband and father, just diagnosed with lung cancer. Found it during Covid diagnosis. Why Lord? Well prognosis is good.

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