• When: 2018-06-25
  • QIC: Corndog
  • The PAX: All F3 AOs are Welcome

Re-Pre-Blast: The Crazy Train Cometh

One week and change until we are wheels up on year 2 of the Crazy Train.

What is Crazy Train you ask?

Crazy Train is a week long event that allows PAX to push themselves physically and also participate in 2nd F and 3rd F events. Those few, those happy few that complete all events will be rewarded with a carbonated drink of your choice (gratis – that means F3 is buying) and the chance to awkwardly touch fingers with your fellow PAX as you reach for the same loaded bacon/jalapeno/cheese fry at Bar None the following HDHH as you celebrate victory or at the very least a valiant injury free effort.

Crazy Train leaves the station on Monday June 25th and comes to a screeching hissing steam laden stop on June 30th.

Monday 6/25
0530 – The Bull: Intersection of Bull & Blossom

Tuesday 6/26
0530 – Hammer: Satchel Ford Elementary School

Wednesday 6/27
0500 – Armory: Woodland Park (LOCATION CHANGE ALERT!)
0530 –  Stumble: Woodland Park
1700 –  HDHH: Bar None (OPTIONAL to recharge yourself for the remainder of the week.  You deserve it you crazy sunuva……)

Thursday 6/28
0530 – Thunder: Hand Middle School

Friday 6/29
0530 – Ramble: Shandon Presbyterian

Saturday 6/30
0700 – Battle: Finlay Park (LOCATION CHANGE ALERT!)
0830 – The Mission: Finlay Park

See you in the gloom boys!