• When: 2018-06-30
  • QIC: Corndog
  • The PAX: Ozzy Class of 2018: YHC, Heist, Pipeline, Subprime, Serena, Chewy

Backblast: The Crazy Train

A better late than never Backblast to wrap up what was one of the more taxing weeks YHC can recall.  Fellow PAX; I give you #CrazyTrain.

This was the second installment of the #CrazyTrain and it did not disappoint.  In what was a battle against yourself not only mentally an physically but also truly a battle between yourself and your alarm clock.  YHC grew to despise the alarm clock by Day 6 but the accountability of knowing other #Ozzies would be riding the train with you kept you going and kept you posting.  The following is from memory and/or prior twitter posts – do not take any omissions personally.  YHC loves you just the way you are.

Conditions: Varying degrees of oppressive heat and stifling humidity throughout the week.  Conditions are perfect – it’s business time.

The Thang:
Monday 6/25: Bull Station (0530; Intersection of Bull & Blossom)
*34 PAX post on day one of #CrazyTrain a purported attendance record.
*PAX ran , or #RagingBull
*At least one first timer was on hand
*A new CR courtesy of Bundy and a crazy 330 points on courtesy of Splinter.

Tuesday 6/26: Hammer Station (0530; Satchel Ford Elementary School)
*29 PAX post on day 2 of #CrazyTrain also a purported attendance record
*#Ozzies and PAX posted for some brutal circuit work at the hands of Splinter.

Wednesday 6/27: Amory/Stumble Station (0500 – Armory; 0530 – Stumble; Woodland Park)
*Armory started us off at 0500 with a devotional from our man Enterprise.
*Stumble proudly hosted 31 PAX for the Humpday 10k with a very difficult course.  Just like YHC’s grandfathers daily trek to school it was uphill both ways.
*Ozzies were not playing around with this course despite its difficulty.  Results featured a CR by Bundy, PRs by Corndog and Chewy and a first ever 10k by Bidet.

Thursday 6/28: Thunder Station (0530; Hand Middle School)
*28 PAX post for WelcomeWeek’s beat down.
*Ozzies and fellow PAX were pushed to their limits.
*We held hands.

Friday 6/29: Ramble Station (0530: Shandon Presbyterian)
*Ramble hosted 25 PAX for the Friday Fast 5k through Shandon.
*Ozzies are on some dead legs at this point; despite that it did yield a 5k PR by Corndog.

Saturday (sweet mercy I thought you’d never arrive) 6/30: Battle/Mission Station (0700 & 0830; Finlay Park)
*18 PAX posted for the first of final two workouts for the #CRAZYTRAIN.
*Only 6 PAX remained (#Ozzies) from the original 34 that posted to TheBull on Monday which feels like months ago.  #BATTLE pushed these few, these happy few, this band of buggered just a little farther.
*Somehow we squeezed 2.5 miles of running in the midst of varying degrees of torture.
*YHC is starting to hallucinate.
*YHC loves the Mission and all it represents in F3Nation.  The credo of ‘Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him.‘ truly is realized each and every Saturday at the Mission.  YHC encourages you to attend.  You’ll be glad you did.
*2 statements to follow that up 1) Mission does not have the reputation that other AOs might have for pushing you physically 2) Someone forgot to tell Enterprise about said reputation and if they did he most certainly did not care.
*Honest truth the SSH exhibited by the 6 remaining Ozzies were some of the worst looking SSH you would have ever witnessed.  Form was not of concern – our eyes were on survival.
*Enterprise took all PAX on a trip up, down and around to parts of Finlay park that YHC did not know existed.  It pushed us all to the brink.  #Ozzies did not cruise lazily across the finish line so much as they were vomited across from deep within the belly of some mythical beast.
*We circled up for our final COT of the week in true Mission fashion which is an experience like no other.  We even named an FNG.  “Ali with an I”.

#CrazyTrain Complete
Total Posts to All Stations = 183

BOM : Closed out by Enterprise

TClaps to Heist, Serena, Chewy, Subprime, Pipeline for riding with YHC for this CSAUP.  YHC watched this week unfold with an immense amount of pride and respect for all who participated.  We started the week by adding “Ozzy” after our F3 names during Name-O-Rama; to be honest on Monday it came out a little awkward and YHC thought about scrapping it for the rest of the week.  As the #CrazyTrain rolled on day by day each #Ozzy started saying it with a bit more pride – that they knew they were doing something a bit insane but they weren’t doing it alone.  That last #Ozzy on Saturday was something special.

TClaps also to the riders who pushed themselves and did all they could.  We all have responsibilities that sometimes preclude us from doing a week long CSAUP but that didn’t stop many PAX from posting to 4, 5 or 6 Stations.  #Sharons all of you – nice work.

Yours in the Gloom,

– The F3 Columbia community was heartbroken to receive the news that Gump’s oldest 2.0, Jack, passed away following an accident near Charleston. Known throughout F3 Columbia, Jack, who was 19 and a rising sophomore at Anderson College, was spending his summer working at Camp Saint Christopher, which is located near Charleston. Jack celebrated his birthday over a week ago, and was recently awarded a scholarship by the Upper Diocese of South Carolina.
-The funeral will be Saturday 7/14/18 at Trinity Episcopal.  PAX are encouraged (by Gump and his M Seamripper (FiA)) to wear red, white and blue in honor of Jack.  Post your shovel flags if you got ’em.