• When: 2018-07-07
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Bulldog, Dirty Bird (R), Yellowcake, Bionic (R), POTUS (R),

Campus Stroll/Cougar Hunt at Boneyard

Conditions: Clear and 72 degrees. Relatively low humidity, perfect to work up a sweat.

The Thang:
No FNG’s

Warmup – Since it was 7/7 YHC wanted to keep the luck going, so decided on 7 reps of each exercise. Besides, the PAX had a long walk ahead of them, so we didn’t need much of a warmup.

    • TTT
    • Windmill

With reports of cougar sightings at RBHS YHC decided to do a full campus tour. It was programmed to just be a 1.5 mile loop, but due to encouragement from Dirty Bird, the AOQ, and other PAX the walk was extended to include the “Spooky Trail”. That made it a 2.15 mile loop, which fit in perfectly with the hour long BC.

Cougar Hunt:

Stroll to the block pile. YHC gave everyone the choice of not getting a coupon due to the long walk expected. But everyone did the harder thing and grabbed a block or bricks.

    • 0.0 Mile Side Straddle Hop ( 7 IC)
    • 0.1 Mile Little Baby Arm Circles (7 EW)
    • 0.2 Mile Monkey Humpers (7 IC)
    • 0.3 Mile Merkins (7 IC)
    • 0.4 Mile LBC’s (7 IC)
    • 0.6 Mile Flutter Kicks (7 IC)
    • 0.7 Mile Imperial Walker (7 IC)
    • 0.5 Mile Squats (7 IC)
    • 0.8 Mile Freddy Mercury (7 IC)
    • 0.9 Mile Big Boy Situps (7 IC)
    • 1.0 Mile American Hammer (7 IC)
    • 1.1 Mile Arnold Fondas (7 leg lifts, 7 rotations fwd & back, 7 kicks, each leg)
    • 1.2 Mile Hillbillies (7 IC)
    • 1.3 Mile Air Squared (7 IC)
    • 1.4 Mile Boxcutter (7 IC)
    • 1.5 Mile Inverted Superman (77 Seconds) – Bionic served as safety watch for cars
    • 1.6 Mile Burpees (7 OYO)

Due to the addition of the “Spooky Trail” to the route, we weren’t back at the flag yet, but with 8 minutes left, it gave us just enough time to get back to the block pile and the flag without doing any more Lucky 7 exercises. But everyone got their money’s worth out of it.


  • July 17, Blue Rhino will be Q with his son Bray.
  • August 4, Sweet Baby O, F3/FiA 5K, Register through RunHard
  • August 25, Stomp the Swamp 5K, there is a rucking division this year

Prayer Requests:

  • Rebar
  • 6 foot under & family
  • Jaws
  • Grease Monkey surgery on Tuesday

Pledge of Allegiance
Lord’s Prayer