• When: 2018-07-07
  • QIC: Fallout
  • The PAX: Tin-Tin, Misfire, Billy Bob, Oscar (Respect), Woody(Respect), PipeLine, Kitty, DodgeBall, Beads, Gastón, Biggie Smalls

DawnSpur/SpurStrike Plays Rugby

When I first went to write this, it was with a more jovial tone, but after the news of Gump and Sean Ripper’s son Jack, it all seems a lot less important. All of us at DawnStrike and Spur are praying and hurting for them. Sending out all the love we can.

A couple of months ago, Spur and DawnStrike converged for an epic(?) game of ultimate frisbee, that only seriously injured one pax (Sorry Boris). It was such a good time for 1st and 2nd F, we decided to do it again. Thanks to all who put up with my less than adequate explanations of touch Rugby, but gosh it was fun.

The Thang:

Circle up for a little warm-up:

SSH, IC, 15

Imperial Walkers, IC, 15

Squats, IC, 10

Merkins, OYO, 20

Through The Tunnel, IC, 15 (Nantan request)

Next we paired off teams of six, and I explained the basic rules of touch Rugby. Pass it backwards, kick forwards, two hand “tackle” and step over the ball, turnover if you drop it forward, touch the ball down for a score. YHC would for the rest of the time learn how non-basic the game could be for first-timers.

We played for around 45 minutes, with most runnning 2-2.5 miles. We learned Kitty can pick up a game really fast, and that if we had played tackle, Woody would have destroyed someone. DodgeBall obviously showed off his running back skills, and Biggie figured out the game with a few minutes left to play.  By the way, if y’all haven’t noticed, Oscar is extremely competitive, I mean extremely.

Scores were made, and balls were dropped. The Pax picked things up surprisingly fast, so overall it was a great game. Thanks again Tin-Tin and the rest of the Spur!