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  • The PAX: open to any and all F3 South Carolina pax that want to get in some mileage

Governor’s Cup Half Marathon Training – 13.1 Mile Pre-Blast – 10/25

With the training nearly complete, our final long run is this weekend before the race itself in two weeks time on Nov 8th.  It’s time to put all the pieces together.  If you’ve been keeping up with the training, this is just one more mile tacked on to last week.  There is however, something to be said about the confidence of completing a full 13.1 and knowing the layout of the course well beforehand #nosuprises.  One last big run to prove you’re ready.

Conditions… will be chilly at the start Mid 40’s… dress appropriately as this could be a good approximation for race day

The Thang:

Short and sweet…  this is the Governors Cup route.  13.1 miles from the corner of Gervais and Main to where Sumter crosses Pendleton just beyond the USC Horseshoe.  The map below is ours but I encourage you to go back to the Governors Cup Race web site as they’ve added several new maps to their site.  Several printable versions show turn by turn directions if you aren’t already sure of the path.  We also have this route mapped on MapMyRun.com so if you want those directions, here you go.  Familiarize yourself with with various turns now and it might be a good idea to write them down and put them in your pocket just in case we get strung out along this long route.


We have pax of varied paces/abilities so my goal with this is to have us all finish up around the same time, around 8 am, and to do such we will have a staggered start.  Those pax looking for sub 2 hours start around 6 am and those of us looking to finish in the 10min/mi avg pace will be starting out at 5:30.  This should allow for those who have work/family obligations later in the morning to still meet those, and hopefully several pax can enjoy a brief sweaty coffeeteria after we conquer this course.

Don’t forget nutrition and hydration.  Get your shot bloks/gel/gummies now.  Also water is a must.  In spite of the cool weather, stay hydrated in general and, yes, we’ll have a water station, location will be announced here and through email/twitter later in the week.

Last a reminder to all:  LSD (Long Slow Distance).  The purpose of this run is to prove you can get it done.  Push it too hard and you risk undue fatigue (even two weeks out) or worse, injury.  In short save race pace for race day.

Big T-claps to Fountainhead whose pre-blast from last year I was able to blatantly plagiarize for this write-up. Aye!

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