• When:  9/9/16
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: F3 Columbia, #notarunners and all

Brace Yourselves, BRR 2016 Is Coming

*** UPDATE: Shirt order ***

The 2016 BRR shirt is out! If anyone’s interested in saving a few bucks on shipping, YHC is putting together a bulk order. The order will go in next Wednesday evening, 7/13. If you want in:

  • sound off in the comments (or DM @copyhacker on Twitter) with your shirt size, style, and other deets
  • PayPal the price to [email protected] Price ranges from $22 to $41 depending on style.

If you want to go solo and order on your own (maybe you’re just really friendly with your UPS driver), remember that preorders close on 8/2. Delivery is expected by end of August, just in time for the race.

In other (non-) news, the route is still being finalized, so captains, watch your email. Start upping your mileage and hillage, and work in some two-a-days if you haven’t already–but hydrate.

Pipeline out.


*** UPDATE: News flash courtesy of Costanza ***

There were only 30 spots left last Friday.  I just talked to the race director.  He said once they reach cap, they’ll go to wait list.  He says somewhere between 5-10 teams get pulled up from the wait list.  So, I’d register NEXT week if you want a chance to run.

Told you it was going to fill up fast. Now go register your team already and let the Nation know in the comments. F3Stumble9 wants competition.


Yes, the BRR. YHC can hear your eyes rolling in their sockets as you reach into your #ExcuseBag and pull out one of the following:

  • “But I haven’t even started P200 training!”
  • “Football season’ll be here again before the BRR is.”
  • “I can’t HC yet because the M’s cousin’s niece said she was getting married on an away game weekend.”
  • “I’m not a runner, the P200 is pushing it already.”
  • “No thanks, I’ve seen those ugly purple shirts they gave out last year.”

All true. And yet.

Each year, all the first-time P200 pax get bit by the relay bug, and HC for the BRR as soon as they cross the finish line. YHC was one of those pax. YHC knows. This year, that might be too late:

  • BRR 2016 registration has been open since the first of December;
  • Max capacity for 2015 was reached in early May;
  • Waiting list for 2015 was closed before June;
  • The number of participating F3 Nation teams has exploded year-over-year. There were 54 in 2015, and just 31 in 2014. This race will fill up before you know it. Don’t wait until April.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Start making announcements at CoTs. Talk it up. Maybe you want to run it back with your same P200 team, maybe you want to mix it up.
  • Get your mind right. Ask some pax who have run both: the P200 is a fun appetizer, but the BRR is the main course. It’s another level in terms of both difficulty and #CSAUP fun. You will be challenged, but it is doable for anyone in F3 Nation who commits and puts in the prep work.
  • Get your team together. Pick a captain and register here.
  • Let YHC know if you’re putting a team together. If you’re a single, HC in the comments below and we’ll help you find a team.
  • Start running dem hills. The Bull’s Eye just started back up; posting there regularly is a great measuring stick. Added bonus, being used to hills will help you run the relatively flat P200 that much faster. The Wall is also a great opportunity to stretch your distance.
  • Lastly, watch this post for updates as the race gets closer.

See you on the mountain.

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