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Meal Trains Needed?

AO: Bladerunner
Q: Rudder
PAX: Snowden, Full Metal Jacket, Gepetto, Goodspeed, Lemmy, Rudder, Shuttlecock, The Beast, Valdez
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Let’s cut through all this. We ran. We all finished together.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Goodspeed doing off the books Murph on Friday. Beast was as subtle as possible about adjusting StartEx. We’ll keep you posted.
COT: continued prayers for Eileen and her upcoming cancer treatment. Snowden will be abandoned by his wife. Honestly, pax wondering why she waited THIS long. Turns out she will be back in a week. Contemplating a meal train for the poor guy. Prayers for Valdez who has to work 5 consecutive days in a row!! Meal train for him, too?

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