Patrick D'Anna

Coupon Day at Sawmill

With later start on Saturdays (6:30) and DAYLIGHT!!!, YHC decided to perform very visual activities for passers-by in Blythewood. Yes…there will be Monkey Humpers. No FNG’s (sad) so belayed the Disclaimer. Warm Orama: Everything in 13’s if YHC remembered voice inflection at the 12th cadence. SSH, Little Baby Arm Circles (both directions) Overhead claps, Butter churners, …

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Rudder Birthday Q

Summary Turning 56 and Q-ing was a birthday wish! Dreams do come true. And it was a party, in worst way. Dark chilly and damp. Yea, just like I wanted it. Conditions Gloomy: 51 degrees, humid, dewey and humid. (Yea, i know I said it twice) Since no FNG, abbreviated disclaimer……Let’s hit it! Warmerama Lots …

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Leg Day? Again?!?

Summary YHC looked forward to some gloom-time Leg Shredding. However, after posting some Motto tweets about it last night, it become evident that Ramjack fart-sacked his backblast for his Saturday beatdown. YHC’s heart grew 3 sizes larger this morning and spared the pax. And spared their legs. MODIFIED! Disclaimer Reminded pax that one can modify …

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