• When: 2022-01-29
  • QIC: F3 Sawmill AO
  • The PAX: 

F3 Sawmill announces: The Iron Horse CSAUP Preblast

F3 Sawmill started on June 20, 2015 in Blythewood, SC. But ….over 100 years before that, Blythewood was known simply as a train stop called Doko. Doko is an American Indian term which means “where the Iron Horse drinks”. The name of our first CSAUP was obvious: The Iron Horse! (Cue the dramatic Steam Engine sound!)

The Iron Horse CSAUP will be January 29, 2022 at the F3Sawmill AO, 126 Boney Road, Blythewood, SC. This is where it starts. This will be the center of operations. This will be hub of the CSAUP activity!

  • Check-in and team assignments will begin at 6 am.
  • Disclaimer/briefing at 6:20
  • StartEx at 6:30.

You and your assigned teams will be led by a Sawmill QIC for a trip through town and past many of our proudest landmarks. Schools, Churches, a Carwash! We even have a couple of traffic lights! It will be a terrible way to tour our quaint little town of Blythewood. But imagine how entertaining for the townspeople!

A couple of det’s: Hydration will be provided. Nutrition will not. If you think you’ll need some extra calories, bring something.

“How long will this suckfest last?” you’re asking? Fair question. You’ll be finished and in front of a barbecue lunch by 11:00! Yes, that’s right…Barbecue lunch! All while wearing your inaugural “The IronHorse CSAUP” shirt! HOLY CRAP….A SHIRT?!? Yep, there’s even a shirt!

And here’s the best part….ALL FREE! That’s right. No charge! Who don’t love that?!? HOWEVER!!! For the free shirt and free lunch, we need an HC by January 18. Just sayin’ And hey, you already know you want to do this. Doesn’t take till the 18th to decide!

So get signed up. Get your brothers to sign up. Designate a clown car. Mark your calendar. Set your alarm and post for The Iron Horse CSAUP! It’s gonna suck. You gonna love it.

Sign-up link is below.






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