• When: 2020-05-19
  • QIC: Rudder
  • The PAX: Daddy Warbucks, Waterboy, Q-Beam, Gepetto.

Sawmill Sledgehammer

First official post since Chinese Virus. Yes..social distance, no contact, blah, blah, blah.

Rain set in about 1 am in Blythewood. Stopped about 3am so no excuse. So I thought.

Warmarama: All upper body exercises to eliminate getting wet from ground water. No mary’s (your welcome). SSH, Little Baby Arm Circles, Overhead claps, TTT, Merkins, IW and his cousin Hillbillies, squats. Lots of it copperhead style. My fav, it produces lots of midwife noises.

The Thang: Sledgehammer Day! Pax were instructed to bring their sledgehammer. If didn’t have one (shame), ask a neighbor. If neighbor doesn’t, then buy one. The neighborhood is incomplete w/out one! Geez!

YHC brought several from personal collection. We learned about the history of the Mace. From the Hindu Warrior. Of all warriors and armies fought by Alexander The Great, The Hindu Warrior was feared the most. Pax discovered why those dudes were so powerful. MMA fighters train with them regularly.

Four Corners of the Green Deck. Separate exercise at each corner for 15 reps., next round 10 reps. Final round, 5 reps.

First set: Barbarian Squat, Dynamic Curl, Spear Stab and Grave Digger.

Second set: Split Squat, Pendulum Swing, Wood Split and (the most difficult) 360.

Out of time during second set. Most relieved we didn’t get to another round of 360’s. #scary.

Namearama and COT. Prayers for Henry suffering from Afib and Wayne who is troubled by issues with his mothers estate.

Moleskin: The rain clearly stopped long before startex. In fact, stars were out during our workout. I think that many pax may have been scared off when YHC slacked for all to bring a sledgehammer. If they couldn’t, go get two red bricks, a stick and a roll of duct tape. But 4 pax (see above for who they are) were NOT scared off. This workout was VERY modify-able for those with a fear of Bad-Ass Intensity Level of exercise. Just saying. Several pax struggled, but continued. True quality of a man. Alexander the Great would have feared these guys, for their willingness and determination. YHC very proud of them. Fierce effort and positive results!


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