• When: 2019-08-10
  • QIC: Rudder
  • The PAX: Ramjack, Rabies, Pharmateer, Cheesesteak, TwoGloves (Sandlot), Snowden, The Beast, Cottontail,

Coupon Day at Sawmill

With later start on Saturdays (6:30) and DAYLIGHT!!!, YHC decided to perform very visual activities for passers-by in Blythewood. Yes…there will be Monkey Humpers.

No FNG’s (sad) so belayed the Disclaimer.

Warm Orama: Everything in 13’s if YHC remembered voice inflection at the 12th cadence. SSH, Little Baby Arm Circles (both directions) Overhead claps, Butter churners, Merkins, BB, LBC’s, Finkel Swings, TTT.

The Thang

Our Solo Rucker (Cottontail) departed to perform Week Two of GoRuck Monthly Challenge. He missed this Fridays. He is now caught up.

Round 1: Pax paired up and chose one of 8 available stations. Each station labeled with an “in place” exercise and one traveling exercise which requires you to go around a cone (yes, Sawmill has their one cones) placed EXACTLY 25 meters downrange and back. Flap Jack. Once complete, move to next station.

Static Exercise                            Traveling Exercise

SSH                                            Lunge Walk

Monkey Humpers                      Brick Shuttle (shuttle 4 bricks 1 at a time to otherside)

Merkins                                     Bear Crawl w/Bricks

Pistons                                       Farmers Carry (two buckets of scrap brass)

Dips (on a block)                      Block Carry (Cusack)

LBC’s                                         Pipe Shuttle*

Big Boys                                    Wheel Barrows

Block Press (on your 6)              Sand Bag Sprint

*Two sticks of 21′ long Sch. 10 steel pipe. 4″ at 91 pounds and 2 1/2″ at 74 pounds!

After performing all stations, a recovery earned. Some Pax used the time to focus on keeping down the Merlot.

Round 2: Change partners and choose your favorite 2 station and perform.

Round 3: Select a station for another pair to perform. Claws came out at that one. From a surprising Pax.

With minutes left, Circle of Mary for some neglected Abs.

Cottontail returns in time with wearing a Ruck with weights! AND Weighted Vest….RUNNING!!! (jerk!).

Circle up, Count-Orama, Name-Orama, Announcements, Prayer Requests, Pledge of Allegiance (almost forgot), Prayers, Coffeeteria!


Announcements: Towers to Tunnel (is the correct order?) 5K coming up. Cottontail to send link.

Prayer requests: Warbucks for Courage, Wisdom and Focus during these “decision making times”.  Kilowatt and family for God to show them Love and Mercy as they too must give that to each other.

Moleskin – Time spent with these guys are the highlight of my days. I’m happy to do the work with them. Can’t imagine doing it alone at a gym ever again. And….YHC will try to spend more time on penmanship. You see, another benefit to being around these guys is they are quick to show you your faults. In this case, your lettering. Obviously its to help us get better, right?